Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pre-Easter and Easter Festivities!

Happy Easter! Here's a few of our Pre-Easter and Easter activities! They seem to be somewhat scattered...I still can't quite figure out this blog thing to keep pictures in order!??

 We attempted a family picture after church...but didn't have anyone to take it.  This is the best we could do!

At the end of our day, we had our own Easter egg hunt in our backyard.  They had lots of fun hunting the eggs with candy, coins and tattoos in them!  Jacob decided to get tatted up with his tats! =)

This picture was from a pre-easter egg hunt I did with them one afternoon.  They didn't have their baskets yet, so we used buckets instead!

Just some silly faces of Jackson thrown into the mix that day!

The day before Easter, the city of Santa Clarita had a massive easter egg hunt at one of the parks nearby.  Each person just darts for as many eggs as they can get in a confined area.  Since Jacob isn't one to rush and go get em....he got about 7 eggs. =)  Jackson was parking with daddy and missed the whole thing! Thankfully, Jacob got a a few for his brother....

At the hunt at the park, Jacob had a ticket in own of his eggs stating he was a winner!  He was soooo excited thinking he was the only one who won a ticket! =)  He won a large chocolate bunny....which sat in the sun while they played at the park....and totally melted!  Now it's a big mush of chocolate!

Just playing at the park after the easter egg hunt

Wow....really out of order.  After church on Sunday, we went over to a family's house for Easter lunch.  Lots of High School staff families were there along with their own family.  We had a great meal and the boys had fun playing in their backyard with their friends!  We did get one family picture there!

Jacob wanted to do this pose for the picture.  Not quite sure what it is! =)

And...back to our easter egg hunt in our backyard that night!  The boys had fun searching for the eggs!  Jackson actually found a good amount of them all on his own!

 Another out of order set of pictures....before Easter we dyed some easter eggs!

 Jacob made some rainbow glitter ones...Don't worry- he's still all boy...just likes glitter!!

Happy Easter and Resurrection Sunday!  Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for our sins and rising again so we may live with you one day!!!

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