Monday, May 31, 2010

A Few More from our Fun Family Shoot!

Our friend, Emma, came and took these pictures for us when Jackson was a week old. It was so fun having her here to capture some great moments! She did great!

Our First Month!

Well, Jackson's a little over a month old now....and doing great! Jacob is LOVING having a brother and seems to be doing well...except for his normal "terrible twos" fits every once and awhile! =) Jackson sure is missing out by sleeping...this month we've been able to go to the park, Disneyland (he was awake for Toy Story watching outside the ride while his big brother went on it with Daddy...) and the Zoo to name a few places! Here are some pics over the last month...Jackson's eating you can see as he's chubbin out!

1 month old!

My best friend Eli...who is most likely moving to Nebraska!! =(

Showing Jackson one of Jacob's FAVORITE rides....It's a Small World!

Jacob really DID have fun on his favorite ride, Toy Story. =) He just didn't want a picture!

Proof that Jackson was awake for part of Disneyland!