Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bye for Now!

I like my Grandma...I'm going to miss her! She makes me happy!
I like my Great-Grandparents too.... and my spoon. =)
And I'm going to miss my Uncle Aaron and Aunt Tera. Bye for now!!! Next time you see me I'll be walking!
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Discovering Something New!

I discovered something new! The STAIRS! Grandad showed them to me...
These are fun!
Mommy said I can't climb on mine yet because it would hurt if I fell since they aren't soft. I found them yesterday and fell down and hurt myself already!
I got worn out climbing and Grandad just must have been worn out spending time with me!
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Playing Outside!

I loved the leaves!!! We don't have any of those where I live...
Brr... it's getting cold!
I went on a little walk with mommy and it was so cold! Mommy said it was 45 degrees!
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Meeting my Friends

I got to meet my second cousin Connor while I was there!
I'm saying hi to him but he isn't looking. He's a little bigger than me and he's only 3 1/2 months!

My mommy's roomate from OSU came to play with me too! She's going to be having a baby like me in June!
I also got to see my friend Collin again!Posted by Picasa
When I got there, grandma showed me how to play the piano!
Grandad took me outside to see the birds, trees, rocks and squirrels.
Then Uncle Aaron came and showed me more how to play!! I'm going to play like Aaron someday...
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Plane Ride to Oklahoma

Mommy told me I was maybe going to get my own seat! I was so excited to go to Oklahoma!
Time to buckle up!!
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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Brrrrr!! It's Cold! =)

Today I saw rain for the first time! Mommy said it was cold outside (65 degrees) so I needed to wear my beanie. She wanted me to get used to it so I would like wearing it in Oklahoma! She is hoping it's cold..... I think I like the sunny california heat in October better.

Trick or Treat!

So I was a pumpkin for Halloween and when we went trick or treating mommy saw a whole yard of she tried to take a picture because she said I looked like them!
This is my friend Christina. She was Bell. She was very pretty.

This is my other girlfriend Jessy. She was Tinkerbell. There are too many beautiful princesses to choose from!

These are all of my princesses that took me as their pumpkin "prince" for Halloween.

One more picture!! I didn't really know what to think of everyone! Mommy said this isn't a good holiday to celebrate anyways but just for fun!

Pumpkin Carving


Mommy and Daddy decided to go to Disneyland without me! Hopefully I can go next time. They said it's the Happiest Place on Earth... but I don't get to ride Indiana Jones for a long time!!

Pumpkin Patch with the Family!

Some New Tricks 2

So check out some of my new adventures.


I LOVE/HATE the tickle monster.

Apples and Cinnamon

Apparently apples and cinnamon are not my favorite.