Monday, March 31, 2008

Read my mind...

Second Worst Day Ever!

So today my mom tried to torture me. Next to "getting cut in my bad place" this was the worst experience of my life. Daddy kept reminding me that this was mommy's idea and he wanted no part of it. Kind of like when Caesar washed his hand's of Jesus sentence. Apparently she wants to remember what my hand looks like years down the road. If they keep pushing like this it's going to look deformed.

I thought the worst had passed and then they grab my feet. Are you kidding me. Why do you care what my feet look like? Feet are ugly.
Oh thanks mom - you crush my feet and hands into this gushy stuff and then you stuff a piece of rubber in my mouth as if that's going to make it all better.

Things were better later on though because I got to sleep with Grammie-O.

Dang it Sullivan. Quit snoring.

Jacob was here....

Somtimes I pretend Sullivan is a horse and I ride him backwards. He was a pretty good sport up to the point I pooped on him. Sorry big bro, I have no control yet.

This is me and my cousin Gia. She sure likes pink. Glad I am a boy. My dad told me most girls have cooties, but I don't think Gia does.

Hey Gia in this one I'll pretend like I'm sick.

Sullivan do you always have to be in my pictures? Ride someone else's coat tails.

My friend Jessie came by to visit. Hope she knows how to change a diaper.

You Asked for More....

So - apparently I never got the memo I was supposed to wear yellow. Good looking out mom! Anyways, here is 4 generations in this picture.

So brother Sullivan was getting sick of all the attention I was getting and decided to start his own blog. It probably won't be very successful. I don't even think he knows how to log on to the web.
Go Lakers!
Hey Mommy's bump is almost all gone!
Sorry brother Sullivan you have to stick to kibble.

More Me!

Don't I just look so peaceful when I sleep?

Not sure what I think of this thing on my head yet???

Wow - daddy is right, HD TV is way better than standard definition! Yo MOM get me some chips and root beer.

My great Grandma Elsie came by to see me. I was so excited to see her I fell asleep.

Why do I have speed bumps in my bed? They are annoying.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ladies Man

I am a little angel.

I wonder why daddy is never in any pictures.

More of Me

Grammie-O and Grandma D. My two favorite Grandma's.

Enough of this kid already....OK, OK he's cute, get over it.

Hey little lady, how you doing? I like your diaper.

I am really a USC fan, but Oklahoma's OK, they just can't win a bowl game.

oooops, that one slipped.

I'm Back Again

My mom was telling me about what she was like when she was younger....and I fell asleep.

I now have proof that my mom chokes helpless babies. I will use this one day when I am older and get in trouble.
I really do love my mommy, but sometimes I get embarassed wearing shirts that tell everyone about it. I mean...I have an image to keep up.

During the day Sullivan and I have a contest to see who can be the laziest mammal on earth. I won today!
They are like putty in my hands. Let the spoiling begin. I can do no wrong. I could fill my diaper right now and they would still cuddle me....ooops, I just did.

I'm Back!

3 Generations in one shot!

Sometimes I pretend to sleep so Grammie-O will hold me a little longer. Sometimes I even pretend to snore to throw her off.
I am totally not amused by this bumble bee thing in my swing. That was so 2 days ago. I am on to Laker games and cool things like that now.

Mom forgot to buckle me in. I wonder if I squirm out of here and fall onto the hard, cold kitchen floor if she would feel real bad and feed me again?

On second thought that floor looks REALLY hard and I over heard the doctors saying my skull is not fully formed yet so that may be a bad idea.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Favorites

I look like my mommy!

Grandma changes me! It was definitely a 2 flusher!

Some of My Favorite Pictures

Monday, March 24, 2008

New Soul

So this is pretty much my weekend in a nutshell

Home Sweet Home

Finally made it home and I am exhausted. Just

chilling w/ mommy, daddy, big bro Sully and

grandma and grandpa.

Check Out My Crib

So on this one you get to see where I hung out

all weekend.

I Hate Baths

I cannot figure out why mommy wanted to take one

of these so bad? These are horrible. Please note the

crying you hear in this video is the baby next door. He

was pretty upset I guess.

My first Video

My first few moment with mommy.


Sunday, March 23, 2008


So today around 2:30pm I arrived at my new home. I like it much better because now I have many new places to eat, sleep and pee. I really do love my new room. My mommy did a great job and my aunt Tera made my name look really cool. Also my great grandma from Oklahoma made a cool blanket for me. I was so overwhelmed by it all I fell asleep on daddy.

Ok - enough with the paparazzi! Can't a man get a nap in?

My dad and I had a little laugh together tonight. We think it's funny that my mommy get's so excited with me when I burp and fart for her, but dad says when I get older I will get in trouble for it. C'mon mom make up your mind is it cool or not?

So I met my brother today and he was really cool. Mom and dad were a little worried at how he would react to me, but as you can see by the picture he was pretty laid back. Apparently he thought the booppee was for him.

Brother Sullivan hogged my chair much of the evening, but I guess he was here first so he gets to call the shots. I told him he had big ears and I think I hurt his feelings.