Sunday, March 23, 2008


So today around 2:30pm I arrived at my new home. I like it much better because now I have many new places to eat, sleep and pee. I really do love my new room. My mommy did a great job and my aunt Tera made my name look really cool. Also my great grandma from Oklahoma made a cool blanket for me. I was so overwhelmed by it all I fell asleep on daddy.

Ok - enough with the paparazzi! Can't a man get a nap in?

My dad and I had a little laugh together tonight. We think it's funny that my mommy get's so excited with me when I burp and fart for her, but dad says when I get older I will get in trouble for it. C'mon mom make up your mind is it cool or not?

So I met my brother today and he was really cool. Mom and dad were a little worried at how he would react to me, but as you can see by the picture he was pretty laid back. Apparently he thought the booppee was for him.

Brother Sullivan hogged my chair much of the evening, but I guess he was here first so he gets to call the shots. I told him he had big ears and I think I hurt his feelings.

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