Monday, May 21, 2012

Just a few more fun ones...

I'm just adding a few more fun ones since I know when years past, I will want to look back on the blog and see these cute pics again.  Just from a few outdoor afternoons and some misc pics and videos!

Jacob apparently does NOT do well singing in front of a group of people...Here is a clip of his class singing for our Every Women's Grace biblestudy!!  He's so funny!  He told me afterwards that he just didn't want to sing the song. =) Jackson just may be our little entertainer!!! Again- Jackson = Daddy.  Jacob = Mommy. =)

 Such strong boys! They work out with us when we do Insanity Videos....might as well teach them pull ups! =)

 Playing catch with daddy....adding in the challenge of balancing on chairs. =)

 He's loving the beach more and more each time we go.  Boy after my own heart!!!

 Love my blonde hair, blue eyed boy.

 Going to be starting pre-K next year!  This was a good pre-school pic. =)

 Saturday donut date with my boys!!!

On April 26th, we added another little girl to the Ames' Family!!! Jeremy sister, Natalie had baby Adeline.  She definitely looks like an Ames!  Look at all that hair!  She's such a cutie!  Boys are looking forward to having another cousin!

3 weeks old!  She has more hair than my boys when they were a year!!!! =) So cute!

Can't forget Sully!!!!!!!  

 This is how Jacob sleeps.  ALWAYS.  Even when he climbs into our bed in the middle of the night....he turns himself through the night to have his feet on me and head right next to Jeremy....this kid is out of control!  He needs his own king bed!  Can't imagine what it will be like for his wife one day! =)  I caught him like this one afternoon nap in the guest bed....

 Yesterday, Jackson had a little runny nose at church.  We kept him out of nursery but decided to go because it was Promotion Sunday for our High Schoolers.  Jeremy went in the big service so I stayed outside to listen to the message from speakers.  I brought Jackson's little puppy to help entertain him...Needless to say, it was very entertaining!  We took the puppy on numerous walks throughout the campus during that hour!!!! It was so cute!  I had to tell him the doggie was tired and needed a nap in order for him to put the dog away!  

The Escens Came to Cali!

Our friends Mike and Joy Escen moved to Nebraska almost 2 years ago.  Jacob and Eli used to be best buds when they were here so it was a warm welcome to see them again when they came back to visit!  They are staying with family, so we don't get to see them tons while they are here, but we've been fortunate to hang out with them a few times already.  We went to the Americana and then had a little get-together with old Jr. High Staff Sunday afternoon.  It was so great to see everyone again...and a zoo because all of us at one time WERE NOT EVEN MARRIED and now almost all of us have 1 or 2 or 3 kids!  The noise level in their house was out of control!!!  The kids had SOOO much fun though and we had fun catch up!

Good buds even if they can't see each other very often!

 Jackson and Carter.  They were only months old when they left.  They hit it off pretty well!  Carter is 7 weeks younger than Jackson and looks about 1/2 year older!!!!

 They played hide and seek in American Eagle.... Sure those floors are nice and clean! =)

 Here are all the kids at the lunch.  Only one missing is Hayden Mehringer.  She was sleeping and we thought she should keep her down.... Craziness!!!!! So fun! McElroys, Escens, Ames, Juangs and Mehringers all there...and a few Sr. Staff that saw us through it all!!!

Some of my favorite friends. =)

 This isn't a very good picture.  But every single kid was COVERED in dirt.  Needless to say, we had a good bath time right when we got home!!!!

Happy 8th Anniversary!!!

Not only do I love my boys very much....but I love my ONE BOY in my life- my wonderful HUBBY!!!!  May 14th, we celebrated 8 years being married! It's amazing how quickly time has flown by, but also feels like so long ago that we said our vows!!!  This year, we spent the day together in Malibu hiking, eating and beaching =).  It was a great time catching up, reflecting on the last years of marriage and just enjoying each other's company!  We talked about how much life changes when you have 2 kids and the joys they are....and it's so easy to forget what life was like before they came along!  

We went to dinner at the Chart House in Malibu. The Chart House was our 2nd date (Jeremy claims it was the first official).  We had a window seat and then after our dinner, we walked and talked along the beach in Santa Monica.  I will never forget one of the conversations we had that night which was when Jeremy asked me what my ideal date would be.  Being from Oklahoma, I've always LOVED the beach, wanted to live here and thought it would be so romantic to have a date on the beach....I told him while we were walking that THIS was my ideal date.  I'm sure he felt good as he scored points by choosing a good spot!  He won't forget that date because after the night, he went home to his parents the next day and told his dad he had gone on a date with his future wife.  Crazy how the Lord ordains all things and knows our every move and decision before we even make it.  I'm so thankful for Jeremy and his leadership, love and devotion to Christ, me and our family.  I couldn't ask for a better partner to love, serve along side in the home, in ministry and parent our kids!  I love you babe!!!!

Here are some pics from our wedding day 8 years ago and from our Anniversary Day in Malibu!

 Hiking Malibu Creek State Park.  They filmed M*A*S*H 2 1/2 miles into the hike. I'm too young to have watched that show. =)

 Malibu Yogurt.  Hands down best yogurt we've ever had.  John's Garden had amazing sandwiches too! 

 My dinner at Chart House.  A yummy macadamian crusted mahi....Mmm... Jeremy's dinner should be pretty obvious.  I didn't even need a pic.  Filet.  What else? =)

Mother's Day

Now that I'm a mother, I realize how much my mom did for my brother and I when I was younger.  There are many times I wish I would have taken more advantage of learning from here while I lived at home.  Now that I'm away, I'm so thankful for my mom and the godly influence she is in my life and how much her training has affected how I teach and train my boys and just how I help manage the home!  I pray I can be half the mom she was and is for me!  Now that I have 2 moms, I'm also thankful for Jeremy's mom as she is also such a godly woman and is so loving and compassionate towards me and the whole rest of our family.  I am so grateful for the godly parents we both have and know that not everyone has such amazing parents.  

I hope, through the grace of God, that our boys will see Christ in the way we parent, discipline, and live our life daily.  If you can't tell, I love my boys.  They are such a joy and so fun to be around.  Although there are many times I get to disciple or feel impatient or wish I could have my own time, there are so many more times they make me laugh, smile and ultimately turn to the Lord for gratitude. I'm thankful I can stay home to raise these boys and wouldn't ask for a different job!  They are such a blessing!!! 

Pasadena Kids Space Museum

Last week we had our Thursday group outing at the Pasadena Kids Space Museum.  If you've never been there, it's a must if you have toddlers!  My kids LOVED it!  They had so many things to climb on, interact with, see live insects and even swim in a creek!  We had a huge group of us, so we were able to go for a really great price.  Here are a few pics from the day!

 water painting a leaf...

 watching his brother climb a big trampoline tower.  He finally joined in on the fun!

 Yes, had to take this pic for daddy.  Matching animal poops. =)

 Riding bikes outside!  This is my favorite pic....

 He wanted to be like the big kids!!!

 Musical drums

 spider webs

picnicking by the creek.  This is him saying "cheese!"

 more and more climbing! Perfect for my boys!!!

 Jackson wasn't sure at first about the turtle..but ended up petting it multiple times!

They had a tunnel that you could crawl in from underneath just like ants crawl in their tunnels.  This was Jacob's favorite activity there.  Hudson and him had lots of fun climbing and being boys!

We highly recommend this place!  It's right next to the Rose Bowl and reasonably priced!  You can bring your own lunch too!!!