Monday, May 21, 2012

Just a few more fun ones...

I'm just adding a few more fun ones since I know when years past, I will want to look back on the blog and see these cute pics again.  Just from a few outdoor afternoons and some misc pics and videos!

Jacob apparently does NOT do well singing in front of a group of people...Here is a clip of his class singing for our Every Women's Grace biblestudy!!  He's so funny!  He told me afterwards that he just didn't want to sing the song. =) Jackson just may be our little entertainer!!! Again- Jackson = Daddy.  Jacob = Mommy. =)

 Such strong boys! They work out with us when we do Insanity Videos....might as well teach them pull ups! =)

 Playing catch with daddy....adding in the challenge of balancing on chairs. =)

 He's loving the beach more and more each time we go.  Boy after my own heart!!!

 Love my blonde hair, blue eyed boy.

 Going to be starting pre-K next year!  This was a good pre-school pic. =)

 Saturday donut date with my boys!!!

On April 26th, we added another little girl to the Ames' Family!!! Jeremy sister, Natalie had baby Adeline.  She definitely looks like an Ames!  Look at all that hair!  She's such a cutie!  Boys are looking forward to having another cousin!

3 weeks old!  She has more hair than my boys when they were a year!!!! =) So cute!

Can't forget Sully!!!!!!!  

 This is how Jacob sleeps.  ALWAYS.  Even when he climbs into our bed in the middle of the night....he turns himself through the night to have his feet on me and head right next to Jeremy....this kid is out of control!  He needs his own king bed!  Can't imagine what it will be like for his wife one day! =)  I caught him like this one afternoon nap in the guest bed....

 Yesterday, Jackson had a little runny nose at church.  We kept him out of nursery but decided to go because it was Promotion Sunday for our High Schoolers.  Jeremy went in the big service so I stayed outside to listen to the message from speakers.  I brought Jackson's little puppy to help entertain him...Needless to say, it was very entertaining!  We took the puppy on numerous walks throughout the campus during that hour!!!! It was so cute!  I had to tell him the doggie was tired and needed a nap in order for him to put the dog away!  

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