Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fun at Leo Carrillo!

We got to go spend the day with my friends Cami and Lainey and their mommy and daddy... They were camping for the week so we got to play in the dirt by their tent and go to the beach all day! I didn't take one nap either because I was having so much fun!

Family picture but I didn't feel like smiling.

80s hair!!!

Drawing in the dirt.

I love my daddy!

Beach bum.

Who's tanner? Daddy or me? I think I win!

Smash ball? What's this? Looks like a tennis racket to me!

Date with the Ladies...

Singin in the Rain...(without the rain)

Sorry guys, mommy didn't know you can't rotate a video so you have to watch me sing sideways. =( Just turn your head and you won't know the difference!! Mommy...you're silly!

Jacob's First Try at Teeball...

This video was shot a month ago- he's a pro now. =) He can hit the ball the correct way holding the bat... updated video coming soon!