Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fun Days with the Boys

Since I have the joy of staying home with these two boys, I thought I'd put up some misc. pictures of the fun we have while daddy is slaving away at work.  Thankful for these fun times because I know they will slowly diminish when school starts!!

Cash joined Jacob's gymnastics class one week.... crazy boys!

Night at the beach...

Day at the water!  Jackson finally wasn't scared of the ocean!

Love this face and this boy

 Daily walks outside are one of my favorite things to do!

 They received in the mail a piece of their Halloween costume..... Good thing no one's eye was plucked out!!!  Look for some ninjas in the near future!!

BUNK BEDS!!!! The boys have new beds!!!!!  They love them except Jackson is a little scared to climb up to the top because he's already fallen off the top of the ladder....=/  guess that's a good thing!

We went to a Halloween party and I borrowed a Sailor outfit to try on....It didn't work for me but I think it suited Jackson just fine!

 One day, I decided to take the boys to the pumpkin patch.  They love the patch!!!  Thankful we have one close by and it's free!

 Jackson's perfect pumpkin. 


 And this one....

 One day, Jacob actually took a nap (which is a major rarity) Jackson and I had fun just playing together and reading and making silly faces on the couch for a good hour!  So thankful for these times with just the little squirt and I!  He's such a funny, sweet boy!!  A personality just like his daddy...

 One day, yes only one, we actually had the feeling of Fall...The weather was cool!  Decided we better take advantage of the cool weather by having some hot chocolate and tea! Jeremy was out of town so Jacob said he wanted to use Daddy's bronco cup since he wasn't there.  So sweet! 

While Jeremy was out of town, I also decided to take the boys to Disneyland for the day....yes, just me!  We had a great time!!!  It poured in Valencia, but at Disneyland it didn't rain until the end of the day!  Ended up being a perfect day except for the drive home!

 I love Disneyland in the Fall!

 Waiting for our staple item at disneyland- the churro!

 and another staple....heading over to Pirate Island. Jacob insists we go over to the island every single time we are at Disneyland.

 We made our walk at the end of the day back through Downtown Disney and Jacob is fully into Legos we were not able to pass by this store without building and racing a built car and seeing everything inside!  We, fortunately, did make it out without making a purchase!

Jacob's friend, Austin, had his 5th bday party at Home Depot!  It was such a fun party and a great idea! Everything was outside, the kids built their own project, painted it and painted a pumpkin.  So fun for everyone!  Good idea for the future!

When Daddy came back from his trip, we went out to dinner for his birthday!  While waiting to be seated, we took a trip to the Apple Store.  These boys love Ipads way too much!  =)

One of our strolls this week finally had Jackson riding his tricycle!  Decided I might as well get him some exercise rather than sitting in his car.....The stroll around the block lasted 45 minutes, we won't be doing that every time...but it's a good start for his biking to begin! =)  He did great and didn't want my help one bit.

That's what the boys and I have been up to!  Next post with have Daddy in it...I promise.  =) We love him and are thankful for all his hard work!  He does spend lots of time with us...I just don't have the camera out when we are all together! 

Master's Kids!

This year, Jacob started Pre-School called Master's Kids!  It's once a week through our church and they study letters, skills, fruits of the spirit and go on field trips once a month.  He loves it so far!!  He has quite a few friends in his class so he likes playing with the boys.  Here are some pics of our first month and a half of Master's Kids!  


His buds Cash Mitchell and Hudson Brannon

 All the friends- Davy Talcott, Cash Mitchell, Hudson Brannon, Sophia and Lea Drumm

 Making a Fall placemat!  Thankfully, we found a few leaves starting to change color....

Painting a dead, REAL fish.  =)

 This morning, he was one of the "Special Children for the day".  You can tell he's thrilled to be up front...he has nerves like his momma!!! =)  Hudson was the other Special Child for the day that week!

 No longer in front of everyone, he was very excited!!! 

 The first field trip was taking the Metrolink train down to Union train station and strolling down Olvera street.  Jackson was able to tag along on that field trip!  He had lots of fun riding the train....

 Davy and Jacob waiting for the train to arrive.

 I let him pick one thing to buy on Olvera St. and this is what he picked...He played it the WHOLE train ride home and for the next week until one of the strings broke!!!!!!

 Olvera Street.

We are loving our time so far!!  He's getting so big!

Monday, October 15, 2012

A New......

We are really excited for the new addition that will, Lord willing, enter our household May 4th or earlier!  I'm about 12 weeks now and feeling great, so I can't complain.  The Lord is so kind to give us another blessing and we count it a huge joy to fulfill that responsibility.  We are praying for his/her soul now that they would love the Lord with all their heart and soul and mind just like we continue to pray and teach our two boys daily!  We know this baby comes from above and are so thankful!!!

(I'm praying for a girl!!!  Both boys say every time they want a sister I guess we will see in the next couple months!)