Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pure entertainment from the Jack Jack... videos below....

Jackson's Singing Talent

Staring Contest....

Scooter Time!

His Favorite Song

Our Little Monkey

Baby Payton....We are ready for you!!! =)

 I figured I'd post some pictures so I can remember and look back on her room years from now...as I do when I look back at old pictures from the boys!

So looking forward to pink laundry!!!

 I have amazing friends.  They threw me a baby shower and it was so gorgeous!  I'll add more pictures later (as I have a friend sending me them) so there are only a few I took from my Iphone that don't do justice so how nice it was and looked!!  It was so great to celebrate with 35 friends Baby Payton's soon arrival and be blessed.  I love you girls!!

 Thanks Vanessa and Michelle for the amazing shower!!!

From our garden....but looking forward to pink and yellow around the house!

Before Payton Arrives....

Before Payton arrives, we have been spending as much time with friends and having fun outdoors as we can because I know a newborn changes things!  As I'm typing this now, I am a week and a half out, so precious time with these boys is a must!  This is what we've been up to lately besides the normal Master's Kids, baseball, soccer, gymnastics, church and everything else we do! =)

We had fun having the Escens out in California for a couple weeks!  Although we only could see them a couple times, the Scotts had an afternoon hangout when all of us "old friends" and now all of our kids!  We had a great time catching up with the adults and the kids were definitely entertaining!  

Here are the "older kids".  I wish they could see each other more!  They loved hanging out together.  Eli, Kelsey and Jacob

Here are the younger siblings (minus Brady Escen)- Carter, Jackson, Caiden (Kelsey and Eli wanted back in the picture)

It got warm that day so almost all of the kids ended up in the jacuzzi!

Here's everyone that was there!  We added Hayden Mehringer and Josiah Huang to this mix!  It was fun trying to get a picture...I think I have about 10 of them so I just picked one. =)  No one fell in the water while taking the picture.  AMAZINGLY.

AWANA!  It came to a close April 22, so Jacob is now in Sparks!  Here are the boys from our Cubbie table- Easton, Austin, Jacob and Michael.  Glad they can be friends too and see each other weekly while learning about God's Word...and they live nearby!!

 Jacob wanted to take a picture with Cubbie Bear at his last Cubbie Picnic.
Cubbie Graduation!  Way to memorize your verses Jacob!!!!

While Jacob and I did Cubbies, Jackson was in the 2yr old Puggles class where they learned each week something God created.  He also graduated from Puggles and now will be a Cubbie next year!  This is from his graduation. =)

Way to go, Jackson!

Master's Kids had a field trip to the Zoo.....so here's a pic of the crazy boys acting like gorillas.  Jacob, Davy and Cash.

In the same week, yes, at 38wks pregnant, I ventured out to take the boys to Disneyland one more time before Jackson turns 3 and our passes are blocked for summer!  Thankfully, I had help with Kari Frazer and was so glad Kari Mac and the kids could come too!  We had a great day with beautiful weather and short lines...and both Kari and I felt great despite being so pregnant!!  Thankfully, no labor happened!

Jacob's favorite ride- Haunted Mansion (Jackson's is Pirates of the Caribbean)

After I had surprised them that we were going to Disneyland for the day (I didn't want to tell them earlier in case I couldn't go!), we decided to let them have another surprise afterwards and take them to Krispy Kreme Donuts for hot donuts!  They LOVED it, of course, and each had 2.....their mommy loved them just as much!!!!!!!  

Jeremy and I think he should be in a commercial for Krispy Kreme.

This is what happens when I tell the boys to go put on their pajamas. =)  Ninjas somehow enter the house.

 Jackson has LOVED his 10 week session at Lil Kickers and is becoming quite the soccer player!  We are going to take a season break for the summer and put him back in after Payton is born....but this is at one of his last weeks.  He loves it!!

Here's a video of Jacob's improvement in gymnastics!  It's a little hard to see him, but he's in the bright orange shirt.

We have had beautiful weather and I'm trying to stay active so we went to the Placerita Nature Center while Daddy was at work one day...the boys and I hiked and looked for insects....and enjoyed God's beautiful creation!  Jackson wanted to be like Moses and have 2 hiking sticks.....and I found numerous rocks in their shorts after the hike!!!! 

 Just boys being boys OUTSIDE.....while I clean INSIDE!

Beach day!  Started out cold but ended up being a perfect, sunny day at the beach!  Jacob loved the water.....Jackson loved the sand and wanted to stay as far away from the water as possible!

Another day to soak in the sun....this is why we love So Cal!

Cheering on Mommy's small group girls as they run their races!  Way to go Jena and Amanda!  I had fun showing Jacob all the things Mommy did in track back in the day!  I don't think I've seen a meet for years!  They are twice as fast and can jump twice as high as I could back in High School!

Finally, they boys have enjoyed making numerous crafts for their little sister and can't wait for her to come!

 I'm so thankful for the time I can spend with these 2 precious, fun, outgoing boys!!!!!  I'm looking forward to adding a little "pink" to the mix but in the meantime, I'll soak up the blue!