Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter or Resurrection Sunday! We had a great day celebrating the resurrection of our Savior by going to church and then heading over to our friends, the Joaquin's, for an afternoon of food and fun- and an easter egg hunt!  

Before Easter, the boys and I made a resurrection tomb and the crosses so I could explain to them the meaning of Good Friday and Easter.  Thankful they can know the truth and it be more important than just Easter bunnies and egg hunts!

 For Master's Kids, Jacob made his own Resurrection Eggs.  Each egg has something inside that symbolizes part of the Easter Story.  

Here are just a few pics from Easter Sunday!  Love this pic!  Even baby Payton is making an appearance through my shirt. =)

 The best I could do with the boys..... not so good. =)

 The boys were to find 3 golden eggs each (the max) and in the eggs was money!  Jacob ended up scoring over $18!!  He collected the most money out of all the kids and teens there!  Jackson ended up with a little over $15!  Thanks Joaquins for starting their college fund. =)

Thankful for a fun day and friends!  And most importantly, the REASON we celebrate the day!!!!!!

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