Saturday, November 21, 2009


Jacob having a good time in Yosemite National Park. =)

Monday, November 2, 2009

A few random videos of the little man!

Baby Brother or Baby Sister?

Disneyland Character Fun

Dancing like a maniac!!!

Preparing for Bed after Halloween...

Before going to bed, they decided to have a dance party on the ledge by the tv!!!! It was pretty hilarious! Notice the size difference between Eli and Jacob...haha! 1 year older and a lot bigger!

Yes, Bailey was dressed...she was being a modest, young lady.

Trying to make fish faces!

More dancing....

Trick or Treat!!!!

For trick or treating, we went over to our favorite "auntie and uncle"'s house- Cammy and Jon's!! Woody, Buzz and Strawberry Shortcake were ready to go out and tackle the neighborhood for candy!!

Getting their minds "prepared for action"

Heading out to our first house and ready to go!!!

Waiting patiently...

After Buzz was greeted at the door, he proceeded to make himself at home at the first house by going inside!!!! Thankfully, we knew the family! ha!

Having fun!! They all did soo well saying "trick or treat" and "thank you!" Jacob only had one scary man that jumped out when he opened the door. However, that man scared him the rest of the night as he kept saying, "scary man?" "man?" where we continued to say..."Nice man..." "Man all gone..." "man gave you candy!" Thankfully, we knew that man too from church and he felt horrible! Somehow, I think Jacob won for the most candy because of crying at the door! =)

Still carrying his pumpkin FULL of candy! What are we going to do with all of this??!?!

Helping Bailey walk on the sidewalk...

Mmm.....daddy let him have one piece of candy and he picked a pumpkin ring. Proud but ate only half of it!!!

Harvest Festival with Grandpa, Grandma D and Gia!

Mommy and I went the night before Halloween to a Harvest Festival at Grandpa and Grandma D's church! I had soooo much fun but was so tired after only having an hour nap that day!
They had a Petting Zoo! He couldn't believe the sheep, goats, ducks, llamas and bunnies were all right there for him to pet!! He was cracking up and loved the zoo the most at the festival!

OOOOhhhh...a doggie balloon!

Princess Gia and me... Not sure what I'm looking at- I think it's Gia's face that was just painted!

Looking intently at the games Gia is playing so he can know how to do it next!

Grandma D and me at the end of the night...

Testing Out BUZZ for Halloween!

Jacob wanted to "test out" his Buzz Light Year costume days before trick or here he is the first time wearing it! He couldn't believe it was Buzz in the mirror!!!

This is the pumpkin we carved before Sully ate (or destroyed) the whole design that night!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Night Fun!!

A little Kelsey time...

Kelsey and me....before I went to the pool they made me where this huge diaper cover! Mommy was laughing at me... yes, I have a small butt.

Mommy thinks I look like a little boy now!!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mommy's Old Roomie!

My new friend Noah and Mommy's old college roomie, Adrienne. We had fun together!!! I wish he lived closer!!! If you can believe it, he's only 2 and weighs 40lbs and I'm 16mo and weigh 20lbs! I think he could take me down anyday since I'm only half his size!!

Rough Day.

I love the animals!

Daddy decided to take Mommy and I to the Santa Barbara Zoo for the afternoon... Here are some pics from my day!

The elephants are right behind us, but I guess our heads in the way to see them!

Oh, sorry. I was looking at the elephants.

Daddy, look! The flamingos!!

Ooohhh....a snake....ssss......
Daddy, I don't like snakes...
Pretty lion...a lion goes "rrrrroooaaarrrrr!!!"
Mommy and I on a palm tree relaxing.
The meercat was one of my favorites! It came right up to me and wanted to play!!! I like them because they are alot like me: small and playful.
My second favorite animal was definitely the giraffe!!!!

That's all the pics mommy got because her camera died half way through the day! Oh well! Guess I have to go back sometime! I loved the monkeys and gorillas too!