Monday, August 3, 2009

I love the animals!

Daddy decided to take Mommy and I to the Santa Barbara Zoo for the afternoon... Here are some pics from my day!

The elephants are right behind us, but I guess our heads in the way to see them!

Oh, sorry. I was looking at the elephants.

Daddy, look! The flamingos!!

Ooohhh....a snake....ssss......
Daddy, I don't like snakes...
Pretty lion...a lion goes "rrrrroooaaarrrrr!!!"
Mommy and I on a palm tree relaxing.
The meercat was one of my favorites! It came right up to me and wanted to play!!! I like them because they are alot like me: small and playful.
My second favorite animal was definitely the giraffe!!!!

That's all the pics mommy got because her camera died half way through the day! Oh well! Guess I have to go back sometime! I loved the monkeys and gorillas too!

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