Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Family Pictures

Alex Smith Photography took our family pictures this year in October!  We are thankful for the photos he captured!!

Oklahoma and Payton's first visit to family!

In October, we took our first family trip of 5 to Oklahoma to see my family.  My mom was the only one who had met Payton, so it was great to finally bring her back at 5 mo. to meet people! We enjoyed our time and were even able to go camping for a few days in the middle of our trip!  The boys had a great time outdoors with their grandparents, we enjoyed camping in Arkansas and getting away from it all (including no cell service for Jeremy!! =))

Devil's Den State Park, Arkansas

My High School Senior English teacher, Janet Dunlop.  She's now the Superintendent for Broken Arrow Schools and has always been a great influence and example in my life! Glad we can still stay in touch after 10+ years!  

Mommy's favorite Mexican Restaurant, Ted's  Escondido, and Payton's enjoying staring at the sopapillas!

Helping Grandma and Grandad spread seed on their side yard that can never grow grass!

Tulsa Children's Museum.  They LOVED IT!  Both talked about animation and physics! 

One night we had a dinner at my cousin Marcia's house...They live on tons of land so the boys loved riding the outdoor toys they don't get to do here!

My cousin David acting crazy with Jack Jack

Tayler and Jackson taking a ride

After such a fun week, it was time to head back home!  All 3 kids were great on the airplane...no problems at all!!!

Thankful for a great week! Wish we could do it more often!!!