Thursday, June 25, 2009

For a Laugh...

While Mommy and Daddy's friends were here on vacation, they thought it would be funny to make me eat vegetables before my lollipop! Thanks Mindy!!


For Mommy's Birthday, I decided to take her to Disneyland! It was kind of selfish because I wanted to go too....I really liked it!!!

Here I excited in the car to go meet Mickey Mouse!!!!

My very first ride, the train! I loved it!

I got to ride a horse next!!!

About to ride It's a Small World!!! This was my favorite ride. I loved the boat and then seeing all the people dance and sing! Mommy couldn't take pictures inside though.
More It's a Small World...
Then, I got to go through Mickey's house and meet Mickey!!! We gave each other high fives!! He's so cool...

For lunch, Mommy's friend Hannah and I decided to take her to the restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribbean!! It was so fun! I liked being a pirate for a little while...then I didn't want to anymore.
Mommy's my Princess...
I love Disneyland!!!

Kisses from Mommy...

Mommy wanted a picture in front of California Adventure....But it didn't work out to well. This was the best we got.

We had lots of fun for the day! Daddy got Mommy a pass for the year so I get to go more!!!! I can't wait!!! Thanks Daddy from me too!

Just Being A Stud...

Yes, I'm a stud. I'm 15months and a whopping 19.2lbs (3%). Look at my belly! Although I'm small, I've grown 2 inches in 3 months! I LOVE water, the beach and playing baseball! I can even hit the ball off of a tee! I also say LOTS of words so Mommy and Daddy can understand me better!


Sorry, it's been awhile since I've been on the blog! Mommy and Daddy have been pretty busy here's some recent pics of me!

Here's a few from my first time in Arizona with Grandma, Grandad, Uncle Aaron and Aunt Tera!

Bye Bye Arizona!! Back to California!