Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hiking with the Family

I got tired doing all this hikin'...

My brother was doing this the whole time and kept slowing me down!

I'm ready for Colorado now!

So...Do I Look Like Mommy or Daddy?

Chillin on a Sunday afternoon with Daddy...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More Baseball...

I stayed up until 11:00pm tonight!

Lifting weights.

Has anyone noticed my right leg is bigger than my left? I hope I am OK.

Dodger Game!

It looks like I am sad, but I am actually crying for joy that mom and dad actually took me to the game. I had been waiting all my life for something like this.

I am trying to watch the game.


Lord, please help the Dodgers to win this game.

7th inning stretch.

More Swimming with Daddy

Um, dad, the sun. It's pretty bright. Can we not put my face right into it?
So, I look pretty fat in this one, but it's just the angle. The camera adds 10 lbs, which is almost double my weight.
Dad kept telling everyone that he liked holding me because it made him look tanner. I don't see much difference.

I just made some bubbles.

My First Time Swimming!

Pretty proud of myself today. I swam in a big bathtub today. I hope it was OK to pee in this bathtub.
Can a little guy get a drink around here? It is HOT.

Glory Hog! This is my picture and you are trying to get all the attention.
Hopefully mom knows I can't swim yet. I am going to hold on a little tighter.

Mommy and Daddy's Anniversary

So my mom and dad left me a second time so they could go out for their 4 year anniversary. Apparently they had a nice dinner on the beach while I stayed with grandma and grandpa.

My mom sure looked pretty that night. How did dad ever get her?

I hate birds, although we have something in common and that is we both poop ALOT.

My First Shots...=(

This is me about 5 minutes after my first shots. Mom and dad did not warn me at all about the mean lady with the poker. I got a few punches in on her before she left, and she just thought it was because I couldn't control my arms, but I knew what I was doing.
Here are my battle wounds. I would have preferred this picture not be on the web considering my legs are whiter than paper.

Oh mom, that hurt so bad, I think I need a treat.

fun things I like to do during the day

Sometimes I just lay back and turn the chair onto vibrate, grab a cold lemonade and watch my favorite show "SportsCenter".

Other times I will lay on my tummy, burp a few times, and knock out a power nap.

This is the aerial view of my power nap.

Sometimes I just sit on peoples laps that I don't know, poop on them, and see how they react. It's great fun.
My friend Matt is much better at sucking his thumb than I am. I can never seem to find that thing.

Woah! Who is that good looking kid. I can't stop staring.

Mother's Day!

Here I am with my aunt Natalie. My cousin Gia is trying to push on my soft spot thinking it will make me stick my tongue out.

Here I am with grandma. I haven't blinked in 3 minutes.
Happy mother's day mommy! Can you please put me in pants that go all the way down. There is no flood outside. It doesn't even rain here.

Laker Playoff Game

So my parents just leave me and head off to the Lakers Game 1 against Utah. I was pretty upset about it, but I had a really cool babysitter and the Lakers won so I am over it.

Here is dad rubbing it in that he went and I didn't.

At least they didn't have good seats!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

When My Dad Changes Me

6 Weeks Old!

I am not sure this is the best idea. I could get it all over the nice blanket.

My dad keeps talking about a moon. I am not sure why he is talking about a moon during the day???