Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Days and Nights

The evenings over the last couple weeks have been so nice!!  We've gone on a walk almost every night since it's been fairly cool.  That's the first thing Jacob asks to do when daddy comes home!!!  Here's some things we've been filling our time with during the days and evenings!

Any time we go on a walk, we have to make a quick stop at the park for a trip down the slide, a climb on the monkey bars or a run in the grass!!! So thankful we have a playground so close-by!

I took this picture after Jacob had raced me around the park.  He's quick.  He loves to run and loves to try and beat me!!!  When we were done with our stroll he was sweating!!!!  Just learning from him mommy and daddy on running technique!!!  Gotta start him young!!! =)

Last week, I knew I needed to do some organizing....I spent the morning reorganizing the garage and organizing all the toys!!!! One couldn't tell I did anything during the day but I felt so accomplished when I was finished!!!!  They will be organized until a group of kids come over and ruin everything!  Oh well.... While I was organizing, they had fun playing in the garage making little houses, beds, etc. =)  I'm sure the garage floor was spick and span...and germ free! =)

One day, during their playtime, Jacob somehow hit Jackson....(which never happens.....ya right!).  He did do it on accident so he went and got Jackson an "ice pack" for his head.  I was cracking up at the size, hence the picture.  If you can't tell, he's definitely not crying...but smiling and saying "cheese" in the picture!!!  What a ham!

We've started potty training!!!!  Well, kind of.  He's been going to the bathroom on the little potty for quite a while now when he doesn't have a diaper on....but over the last week or two he's started taking off his diaper to use the toilet instead!  I wanted to wait until we got back from High School camp in NM to fully train him since we were going to take a long drive.....and wanted to have the DIAPERS! =)  I decided to let him go a few days in undies to see how he would do.  He did great!  The first day he only had 1 accident!!!!  We've had a few since then and I haven't been consist with only undies as we've been gone for a few of those days....but once we get back from camp, I'll tackle this area and we will be diaper free!!!  Such a big boy!

 CRAZY HAIR DAY! This is what his hair looks like after the pool!

Almost every time Jackson wakes up from his nap, he looks for me to lay on and snuggle.  I love these moments.  Half the time he falls back asleep....The other times he just lays with me. =)  I won't forget these precious moments!! He's such a cuddle bug!

I just had to take this picture.... Sully wanted to play in the pirate tent!!! =(  Too bad the boys didn't play with him....I'm sorry Sully!! But you do look cute!!!

One of the days, I was kind of crazy and decided to take both boys BY MYSELF to our Aquatic Center.  They had a BLAST!!!!  Unfortunately, they couldn't go down the big slide...but I had fun chasing both of them around with a maxed out occupancy in the water!!!!!  They loved it.  We will definitely go back...but I think I'll bring Jeremy with me next time!!!! 

Yup, he thought it was sunscreen.  Not so much, son.

Last weekend we had no plans in the evening...so we decided to make it a family night!  We went to my favorite restaurant, Cheesecake Factory, and then headed over to Castle Park for a little miniature golf action!  It was fun watching Jackson bounce the ball in the hole...or roll in down the sidewalk from one hole to the next....and watching Jacob actually get a hole in 1!!!!!  We made it for about 10 holes and decided to call it a night.  =)  Jeremy definitely had better putting skills than me..but he's had more golfing practice!! That's what I think at least! =)

His "hole in 1" hole. =)  Hole 4.   Good number- happens to be my favorite!

 I love my husband and father to our boys soooo much!

 One of the evenings taking a walk.....took this picture because his big brother fully dressed him. =)  Nice style, Jackson!  Plaids, stripes, different colors...I'm sure they are all in style together now!

 Finally, this was today at lunch.  Jacob ate probably 15-20 carrots!!!!!!!  He said that bag had really good carrots.  Maybe because they were organic? =)  I have no idea...but I'm not complaining!  Hopefully, all his carrot-eating will make him turn out with good eyesight!!


I'm so thankful for friends.  Friends are one of the greatest blessings the Lord has given us here on this earth!  I'm thankful to have friends from elementary, Jr High and High School years, College and now in the post-college/parenting years! Some I've been friends with for a long time and some only for a year!  I love how it's so easy to pick back up where you left off with the friends who have stuck by like a sister.  I hope when our boys are older, they remember the friendships they have made even at this young of age.  I'm so thankful to know the moms and their dedication to love and serve Christ and their family spurs me on to do the same!!!!  

Well, speaking of friends, one of mine went away for the night while her hubby preached at a church in Northern California.  We had the fun chance to watch her boys while they were gone and had a great time!!  Gabe and Weston are such cuties!!!  Hopefully, our boys stay friends for awhile!!  Here's some things we did while mommy and daddy were away!! =)

Another friend of mine from High School, Laurie, came out to San Diego for a family vacation for a few days so we were able to meet up in Newport Beach to enjoy the sunshine, ocean and just catch up!!  We've been friends since 7th grade and have stayed in touch ever since.  She is such a great friend and am glad we can have little times to see each other!  Our kids LOVED playing together, especially the two older boys!  Wish they lived closer!!!!! 

Colin and Jacob could have played all day and night together!!! They were great! Colin is just a few months older than Jacob. 

Here's Jackson's little play buddy, Cameryn.  =)  They had a great time too!  Cameryn turned 1 a few months ago...and weighs more than Jackson!  She's such a cutie!

They ran and ran and ran up and down the beach!!!  Got a good workout!  here's they are "surfing" in the water.. =) Maybe one day Jacob will use a board!

Finally, since we are on the topic of friends...I pray these two remain best friends their whole life.  They love playing together and I love watching Jackson look up to his big brother and Jacob taking good care of Jackson (usually!!).  Let's hope it stays this way!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Glen Ivy Spa- Happy 30th to Me!

Since my bday fell while we were driving 9 hrs home from vacation, Jeremy set up a day for me to spend time with a couple girlfriends at a Hot Springs Spa 1 1/2 hrs away!  That's what I want- time with girls, no kids and relaxation!!  Just what I got!  So thankful for Jeremy setting it up!  We had a great time....

 Awesome place.... many pools...

Amazing food....

Great Friends...Michelle, Monika and I

Kari and I

Clay Mud...supposed to exfoliate the skin. =)  Kinda gross...but we did feel soft afterwards! =)

Had so much fun with you girls and time went WAY TOO quickly!! Guess we have to do it again!!??!?  You guys still all have 30th b-days?!??!!? =)

4th of July

Happy Birthday, America!  We spent the day at the pool, of course.  That evening we went to friends from High School who had a big barbecue so we had fun with the adults and all the kids had fun together!  I didn't take too many pics, but here are a few from the night.  First time Jacob or Jackson had used a sparkler!  Almost burned Jeremy's head off!!!

 Watching the fireworks from the chair!

Fun Summer Days

Here are some things we been filling our life with lately!  Just some random pics.

We had the opportunity to watch another dog for a couple weeks while they went on vacation...look like twins, huh??!  They were great!  Lots of sleeping and playing! 

One day I heard something in the fireplace...sounded like a bird...sure enough, I found this in there.  I didn't even want to open up the screen to take a pic because I was afraid something would fly out!!!  Nothing ever did...poor bird. =(

It's been a little hot the last couple days and weeks...nothing like the rest of the country....but hot enough to enjoy water!  

 Gets pooped out after so much swimming!!!

 We decided to take the boys to see "Brave"- Jackson's first movie theater experience!! He did great!!!

 Loving the popcorn...=) Probably why he survived without getting bored!

 Love this picture!!! New haircuts!  Jacob has decided he likes the faux hawk look now...=)

Yes, that's Jackson cleaning up after going potty!  He's ready to be trained!!  We plan on training him after we come back from camp in a couple weeks.....Almost diaper free in this house for the time being!!!!

Trying on big boy undies....a little big. =)

 This is a girlfriend. =)  He loves Emma Norton. =)  We went to their house for dinner a week ago and he flirted and spent time with her the WHOLE TIME!!!!  Someone has a crush!!!! Watch out ladies!

This is also what the boys have been frequently doing!!!  A couple friends have trampolines so Jacob has been learning how to do a "flip" on it!  Jackson is learning the hang of it too.... Glad we have friends that can tire out our children!! =)

 Fun, summer days... 

A couple days ago, Gia and Gramma D came over to go to Sky City Bounce house.  Another thing that tires the boys out!!! They love their grandma and their cousin!

 Just another fun day at the pool with friends!!!

NEVER A BORING DAY!!!!!!! So thankful I can stay home with these fun boys!!!!