Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fun Summer Days

Here are some things we been filling our life with lately!  Just some random pics.

We had the opportunity to watch another dog for a couple weeks while they went on vacation...look like twins, huh??!  They were great!  Lots of sleeping and playing! 

One day I heard something in the fireplace...sounded like a bird...sure enough, I found this in there.  I didn't even want to open up the screen to take a pic because I was afraid something would fly out!!!  Nothing ever did...poor bird. =(

It's been a little hot the last couple days and weeks...nothing like the rest of the country....but hot enough to enjoy water!  

 Gets pooped out after so much swimming!!!

 We decided to take the boys to see "Brave"- Jackson's first movie theater experience!! He did great!!!

 Loving the popcorn...=) Probably why he survived without getting bored!

 Love this picture!!! New haircuts!  Jacob has decided he likes the faux hawk look now...=)

Yes, that's Jackson cleaning up after going potty!  He's ready to be trained!!  We plan on training him after we come back from camp in a couple weeks.....Almost diaper free in this house for the time being!!!!

Trying on big boy undies....a little big. =)

 This is a girlfriend. =)  He loves Emma Norton. =)  We went to their house for dinner a week ago and he flirted and spent time with her the WHOLE TIME!!!!  Someone has a crush!!!! Watch out ladies!

This is also what the boys have been frequently doing!!!  A couple friends have trampolines so Jacob has been learning how to do a "flip" on it!  Jackson is learning the hang of it too.... Glad we have friends that can tire out our children!! =)

 Fun, summer days... 

A couple days ago, Gia and Gramma D came over to go to Sky City Bounce house.  Another thing that tires the boys out!!! They love their grandma and their cousin!

 Just another fun day at the pool with friends!!!

NEVER A BORING DAY!!!!!!! So thankful I can stay home with these fun boys!!!!

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  1. So cute!! I would DIE if I found that...or heard that... in my fireplace :) Eww ewww ewwwww!!!!!!!