Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Bathed Boys!

This is the ONLY picture Mommy has where both of us are smiling and everything is covered! =) Mommy loves it!

Southern California CAN have SNOW!!!

After all of the holidays were over...we were surprised one Sunday to have an afternoon SNOW (not rain) shower!!!! It continued for a couple hours and I had lots of fun throwing snowballs until my hands were numb! Mommy or Daddy didn't get very many pictures because they didn't want their phones to get wet! The snow stuck for a day and then it melted because of the temperatures. It was so fun to have it at our house! When snow comes, Christmas is here. Good thing it came, because I didn't think we really had Christmas since there was no snow!! Sully had fun in it too!
Daddy got us these sweaters so Mommy wanted to take some pictures of us in them. Don't we look cute?!
Mommy thought it would be fun to add this picture since it's us sledding...inside the house. =)

Post Holiday Oxnard Vacation

After Christmas, we went to Oxnard to the Joaquin's beach condo for a couple days with Mommy's family. We had so much fun! Outside was soooo pretty! I loved going to the park, going to the beach, playing with my cars and eating. =) A lot of these pictures mommy took were from the beach, but we did a lot more that aren't shown!

runny nose

spit up man

Jacob is taking notes on how to make an EXCELLENT breakfast- buscuits and gravy, eggs and bacon!

Grandma and Grandad

Uncle Aaron and Aunt Tera

Daddy and I playing frisbee

Uncle Aaron and Aunt Tera (then Mommy and Daddy) braved the COLD water and went kayaking in the harbor! I wish I could have gone but they wouldn't let me.

I love going to Oxnard!

Fun Toys!

Since the other post was so long, here's some toys we got from Santa and family! Mommy even surprised Daddy with an IPad!

The Holidays!

Sorry I've been really bad at posting this year. Mommy said it's hard with me and baby Jackson. I don't know why. We've had lots of fun the last couple of months with the holidays. We had thanksgiving and then Christmas with EVERYONE! Grandma, Grandad, Uncle Aaron and Aunt Tera came to California!