Sunday, January 9, 2011

Post Holiday Oxnard Vacation

After Christmas, we went to Oxnard to the Joaquin's beach condo for a couple days with Mommy's family. We had so much fun! Outside was soooo pretty! I loved going to the park, going to the beach, playing with my cars and eating. =) A lot of these pictures mommy took were from the beach, but we did a lot more that aren't shown!

runny nose

spit up man

Jacob is taking notes on how to make an EXCELLENT breakfast- buscuits and gravy, eggs and bacon!

Grandma and Grandad

Uncle Aaron and Aunt Tera

Daddy and I playing frisbee

Uncle Aaron and Aunt Tera (then Mommy and Daddy) braved the COLD water and went kayaking in the harbor! I wish I could have gone but they wouldn't let me.

I love going to Oxnard!

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