Sunday, July 13, 2008

Good Bye Mac's....for now

Leaving Temecula

My mommy and my football.

Pops and the pigskin!

More at the Mac's

Please don't cry Kelsey.
I can't bear to see you hurting.
Why are we crying again?
And Eli wonder's why he is still single. Just kidding buddy....Hey we need our sink unclogged when you get a chance.

Proud Dad's

I loved haning out with Mark and Mike, Kelsey and Eli. We have a good time together. Can't wait for Labor Day Weekend.

Woah! That was a loud one Kelsey.

Uncle Mike, what are you doing? Seminary guys are crazy!

Kelsey and Jacob

Forbidden love.

At the Mac's

My guns are way bigger than your's.
Sorry.... I didn't mean it, please don't shut me out.

I said I was sorry. Your guns are big too.

The soap opera continues

Me and the Mrs reminiscing about the good ole days.

Chilling w/ my girl Kelsey
Eli got a little jealous, but then his mom brought over the Cheerios and he was over it.

The 3 Musketeers

So my parent's and the Escen's went down to Temecula to see the McElroy's and their new baby Kelsey. She has the prettiest smile.....well, usually.
At first she was pretty heart broken over Eli's rejection of her, but as the night went on she couldn't resist my wit and charm. You can see me "sending out the vibe" here.

Eli was a pretty cold hearted snake, completely rejecting her as I sat back and waited for my chance.
You can see the closer she got to me, the happier she got.

Here I am just playing hard to get, and she is eating it up. Eli is feeling like the third wheel at this point.

Me on the couch III

I think I can fit this whole thing in my mouth.
I have a bib on because I spit up on my nice new shirts. I have a smile on because I just released some gas on daddies chair.
The gas again.

Me on the Couch II

Me on the Couch

Saturday afternoon, just hangin out on the couch.

Oooops....sorry dad, please don't tell mom I did that on the couch!!