Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our Next American Idol..

Look at my chicken legs!

Boys Just Wanna Have Funnnnn...

It's been awhile since Mommy posted some pictures of me and a lot has gone on since last time! I no longer use my paci, I'm going potty in the big boy potty (in the process) and I'm almost 2! I have lots of fun riding my bike and dump truck outside, throwing the ball with Sully, wrestling Daddy and crawling on and loving Mommy! I also can't wait for baby Jackson to come and love giving him kisses in mommy's tummy. Soon (in 3 months), I'm going to have to share my blog with him! These are just a few things I did this January when it wasn't raining outside!

Like Father Like Son

I Dreamed of a White Christmas and Got It in Oklahoma!