Friday, October 31, 2008

Fun with Mommy

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This is my other girlfriend Lainey. Her sister. =)
I'm not too sure about this straw
All my friends knew "If your happy and you know it clap your hands.." Mommy, why haven't you taught me that yet??
My friends Eli and Bailey and their mommies.
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More Favorites...

Mommy! Bailey made me cry!

This is one of my girlfriends- Cammy Hayes. I have plenty more too...
Mmm.... this one looks good!
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Favorites from Lombardi Ranch

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Lombardi Ranch

Mommy took me to the Pumpkin Patch while daddy was working. It was so much fun! There was some lady there who took lots of pictures... These are some of mommy's favorite!

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Fun at Home

Mommy thinks daddy looks cute in this picture... I think he looks funny!
Mommy told me I'm supposed to like the Oklahoma State Cowboys. I've never even seen them before but I'll like them since she told me to!
I REALLY like the Dodgers... now I've seen them in action. Go Dodgers! I hope they make it to the World Series!
I guess I'm going somewhere fun in the car... not sure where though.

More Fun at Daddy's Birthday!

Daddy's friends Josh, Stevie and Micah
Stevie's crazy...
And so is Josh...
Mommy's friends Laina, Darsy and Katherine
Mommy and Daddy

Friends at the Park...

Mommy's friends Kari and Joy came with my friends Kelsey and Eli
Eli, why are you so serious?? Is it because you don't like the Broncos? Sorry bud, you have to watch the Giants on TV.
Kelsey, I like you more each time I see you!
This is daddy's friend Stevie and my friend Siena. She's a little older than me so she didn't play with me at the park.
This is my friend Jackson. He loves the Lakers and Dodgers just like I do. We watch games together.

Playing at the Park- Happy Birthday Daddy!

Swingin is more fun with 2 than 1! Brooklyn was lots of fun...

I'm happy because Daddy got tickets to go to a Broncos game in Denver! I think that means I get to go too!!!

Bathtime is so much fun!!

My first bath toy! Thanks Grandad! I like to eat it...
Mmm....Tastes good!
Mommy, don't take it away!
I want it!!!