Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some of my Best Friends...

Here are some of my best friends!!!!! Juliet is my babysitter (girlfriend) and took me to Disneyland!
Of course, my best friend MOMMY. =)
Kelsey....her 2yr bday party!

not really sure what we are all doing here.... but the three best friends together =)

Eli and I!!!! =) =) =) I'm soooo sad...he's moving to Nebraska in a few weeks. =(

We experienced our first movie together in a theater! Toy Story 3!! I lovvved it!

Matching PJs. He's Woody and I'm Buzz.

This is Eli's baby brother, Carter at 1 day old! He's Jackson's soon to be best friend...even in Nebraska.

Jackson Looking Cute and Telling His Life Story!

Jackon now "Fat Jack"

I decided to come up with a name for my brother.."Fat Jack" or "Chubby Cheeks". At least that's what daddy was calling him so I decided to start! =) Here's my bro from 8-11wks! People tell me Jackson looks identical to daddy!

Here's Jackson and his friend, Malachi (Bailey's brother). He's 7wks older than Jackson.
Here's Fat Jack at 11wks- looking like daddy!

It's Been Awhile!

It's been awhile since Mommy has posted anything on the blog....My brother and I have been keeping her busy (along with Aaron and Tera visiting, busy with friends and new babies being born)! I love my brother more and more every day and I love it when he talks to me! Jackson, at 2 months, is half the weight of me! He was 11lbs, 2 oz and 23in long...(still a little smaller in weight than Jacob's stats at that age)! Here's some pics of me and my bro right before he turned 2mo!

What daddy and Jackson love to do best on a Sunday afternoon...

While they're sleeping...this is what I love to do!