Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Chillin in the Crib

Hey I've graduated to the crib for naps now. I also found this new friend. He likes to lay next to me during my naps.

Ok friend, maybe a little space I need to take a nap now. going to make it...
Dang, I just got comfortable and I wet myself. MOM!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Grammie-O

It's the only balloon I could find. Sorry.

More of ME2

America's favorite baby! Look mom I can hold it up on my own.
Hanging out with good peeps. This is my friend Darsy she just had a baby 3 weeks before I came around. It was nice meeting you Brooklyn.
I promise I don't know how I learned to do that with my right hand. It was just one of my many uncontrolled movements I have.

See you guys next week! I got a new video coming up soon.....

Sleepin with Mom and Pops

Fashion Model 2

Gap Baby!

I call this one ceiling fan. It's where I pretend not to look at the camera because I am staring at the ceiling fan.

By far my favorite outfit. It's called "birthday suit". This is my friend sleep sheep. He makes sounds like rain, stream, ocean, and for some reason one called "whale" that one is kind of dumb and does not put me to sleep.

Fashion Model

So mom is having a pretty good dressing me up. I am pretty much a fashion model of children's clothing now. In this one you can see my stunning good looks and chiseled jawline. I am trying to give off the, "cool sexy" look, pretty succesfully I must add.

Playing it a little more playful in this one. I call it "childlike innocence".

So in this one I am trying to show off my sassy side. I call this one "feeding frenzy". It works on both younger and older women.

In this one I am pretty much sporty spice. Thanks for the outfit Micah and Darsy. I like to wear this one when I am either dunking on fools on the court or rolling through the hood.

Yes please.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Bye Grammie -O

I will miss you. Come back soon!

Goin to Church

So I got dressed up in my Sunday's best since I found out I get to go to church for the first time today. I am pretty excited, as if you can't gather that from the photo. We were in a pretty big rush to get there on time, but we made it.

My mom looks so pretty especially when she is dressed up too. My dad calls us "Hot babes". Not sure what that means yet.
This was my last full day w/ Grammie-O, which is why I couldn't smile as big as usually do. It will be sad to see her go. She would always want to see me and hold me, well, accept at night when I was crying (interesting).

So in this picture I wanted to show everyone that despite all the young ladies that oooohed and aaaahed over me today, I didn't even break a sweat. I am about as cool as they come.

So all in all I really enjoyed my first time at church. Kelly did a really good job preaching about assurance of salvation. Unfortunately "due to circumstances beyond my control" (literally), I was unable to listen to the whole sermon because my mom took me to a room to change me.

So sleeping in one of my favorite things ever

Dad was a little worried about my breathing on this one. Sometimes I fake it and stop breathing for about 30 sec. I get a kick out of watching them freak out.

More of Me and Dad

Dad and I share a laugh...or am I sleeping here?

I promise I'll be good dad....just go get mom to feed me one more time.
So pretty big news! I no longer rely solely on mommy for food. Dad is doing a fake smile here because now he knows it's "possible" that he can feed me in the middle of the night. He slipped me a $20 and told me to reject the bottle and cry so he didn't have to feed, but I couldn't help it, it tasted really good...tonight, I think mom had tri-tip.mmmmmm.
Dad and I love Sunday afternoon naps.

Me and Dad

Careful with my head, my neck muscles are not that strong yet.

I like to snuggle with my dad. He told me he had a stomach ache so I am laying hands on him and praying.
Sometimes my right eye does not cooperate like I want it to. Well I got one open....I'm 2 weeks old what do you expect?

Don't blame me dad, what do you expect when you lay me on my stomach and bang on my back?

...still going....