Sunday, April 26, 2009

Too Many Girls...Too Little Time...

I think one REALLY likes me... Sorry Kelsey!!! Isn't there a zipcode rule?

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(Mommy took this video while I was supposed to be sleeping...and Lainey was supposed to check on me. At the end, I gave Lainey a kiss but mommy didn't get it on video because the memory card was full. Guess next time!)

More Fun!!

Along with my first time at the zoo...I had my first time at CHUCKY CHEESE!! I loved riding the pony and playing basketball! Those were my favorite things to do. And, of course, eat the pizza!

Since it's been so hot outside, we decided to go to the beach! It's bright...mommy, can you PLEASE get me some sunglasses? I lovvveedd the sand and water!!

Mmmm....Aunt Cammy said I was good at her house so she gave me a lollipop. It sure tasted good!!

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Fun Times in April!

Mommy and Auntie Joy took us to the Zoo!! I had so much fun and cried after every exhibit because I didn't want to leave it. Look at those giraffes!!

It was HOTTTT (as I say). Mommy said it was near 100 degrees! No wonder lots of animals were sleeping!

My favorite were the monkeys...

After the zoo, we went to see daddy at work. Daddy said I could do his work for him and read plans!

This guy Manny let me play with his sombraro. It's a little small for my head.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Egg Hunting!

Yay!!! I think I'm winning Mommy!

So determined...

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My First Easter Egg Hunt!

We went to our friends the Joaquins after church to eat lunch, swim and have an easter egg hunt!
Off we go!!

What's this? Blue is my favorite color!

OHHH!!! Orange!

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Happy Easter!

This was my first Easter outside of the hospital. Last year I was born but was in a room all day with mommy and daddy. I like being at church instead!

There's nothin in here!!! Mommy, where's the chocolate?!

Happy Easter! Thank you Jesus for dying and raising up from the grave ALIVE!!

I love JESUS!
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Just Hikin', Playin' and Walkin'!

Going on a hike at East Canyon!! This is so fun! Mommy and Daddy said we made it to the top! Doesn't look like California to me.
This is a new smurk I've learned. I don't want to smile for you Mommy! I like Daddy instead!


Man, that hiking really wore me out!

Just playin' and watching one of my favorite shows, The Wiggles!
Mom, I'm not mad but just really serious with the light sword in my hand! I have a war to fight.

I love to walk!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I LOVE to Eat!!

I love to eat!!! Mommy gave me ravioli for the first time and I ate it all!

Mmm.... I made pretty pictures on my plate too. Can you see the tree I made?

I love going out to eat with Mommy and Daddy too. I like playing with the crayons and eating the straw. This is my new fake smile.

Man, all this eating wears me out...I'm ready for bed Mommy!
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After all was said and done we hit the sink for a bath!!