Monday, March 30, 2009

Church, Johnny Mac and I!

This is a new church outfit that great grandma Jane got me. Don't I look soooo handsome?!?

My pastor Johnny Mac and I like to hang out as sporting events. We're buds.
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Kelsey and Me Time

Because Daddy had to work in Temecula, I got to spend the day with Kelsey!
Showing her love...

Drinking our milk together!

Say cheese!

Just havin some fun in the swing with her... she's behind me. You just can't see her that well.

I didn't have a nap today so I'm really tired...but I'm still showing love to my girlfriend! =)

All that playin' at the park made us dirty. Mommy made me take a bath with her!!! She said this picture will be saved until we are older. Whatever that means! All I know is that Kelsey was taking up my space in the tub.

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Lovin the Park!

like father like son

I love the swing!!

Mommy look at the ducks!! They're so close!!

Are they going to come and eat me? Hurry! Where's the bread!!!?? Sully...don't fall in!

Wait mommy! I'm not ready yet! The sun is bright and you were supposed to count to 3...

Like father like son again

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Cake Time!!!

Here you can see me off to a quick start to the cake. This was what I had been dreaming about all morning and it lived up to the hype.

Just for today, I may love icing more than mommy and daddy.

Why is my mouth so small? I - Need - to - fit - more.

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Family and Fun

Here I am chilling with aunt Natalie, Uncle Jesse (not from full house), Gia (who loves pictures) and my friend Naya. Thanks for coming to my bday.

Here's my great grandmas too! Come on mom, another picture?!?!

Okay...only if I can have a balloon! I think I'll take THIS one!
My final picture of the day. I'm sooo worn out from all the fun but smiled for mommy one last time just because she gave me balloons.
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Some Friends at my Party

Chilling with the crew. What I wouldn't do to take a nice dip in the infinity pool right now. I was hoping Kelsey would wear her two-piece today.
This is just before she gave me a big hug. She is literally pushing Eli out of the way to get to me.
So many cute lady friends, so little time. Hey Laney.
It's kind of wierd how all of mommy's friends have little kids that look like them except for Monika.Posted by Picasa

More Birthday Fun

I invited some cute girls to my party. They were like putty in my hands.

Here is my bud Eli. He told me he has been practicing to be a male model so he has to work on his model face. Keep up the good work.

I think my dad is forcing me to like baseball. I think I am left handed so to become the breadwinner in the family I need to be a good pitcher.

How many cows had to die to make this dad?? The horror. That's one less milk maker out there.Posted by Picasa

Happy Birthday to Me!

This must be a pretty big deal. I have never seen a balloon this big before

Guess how old I am?

Thanks for the cow Cammy. I love milk straight from the tap!

Thanks great grandma for a new DVD, I love DVD's early in the morning while my parents try to sleep.
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Beach Fun

I love the ocean!!

Look! I see the waves grandma!
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Beach Bum

Yikes that's cold.

Grandma watch me throw this rock at the seagull

Put those glasses on my face please.

Get me a root beer and put it right here.

Mom a pair of sunglasses for me would have been nice. Share a little.