Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Master's Kids Ice Skating!

Our field trip for the month of January was going to the Ice Station (right down the street) and learn to ice skate!  Jacob has been 2 other times, but we had fun with some friends and practicing a little more.  We didn't last too, too long out on the rink because it was cold and I didn't want to risk any chance of falling with baby PAYTON (yes, we finalized the name!) on the way!  Had a fun field trip!

Doing it without the bar!

 His friend, Cash, making snow angels on the ice...=)

Snow pile!  Of course, making snowballs.

 Jacob and his other good friend at Master's Kids, Hudson Brannon, skating along together.

His FAVORITE part of the trip was the hot chocolate at the end, of course!  Didn't even want to share a drink or two with his momma!

 one more Master's kids pic from the week before... his buddy Cash. =)

Noah's Ark at the Skirball Cultural Center

We went with the Gutierrez Family to the Noah's Ark Exhibit last week at Skirball.  Apparently, it's been around for 7 years and we've never been!  It's an awesome interactive exhibit that has everything made from recycled materials!  After we saw/explored the Ark, they had a digging area for the kids to dig and find different pottery and fossils, etc.  It's open daily and on Thursdays, it's free if you get tickets ahead of time!  I'm sure we will go back in the near future!  Everyone loved it!  The pictures don't do it justice.


Jacob and Jackson just finished their first session of Lil Kickers and had a great time.  We decided that Jackson seemed far more into it than we are continuing him with another session and continuing Jacob with gymnastics (which he LOVES) and looking forward to seeing Jacob start tee ball at the end of March!  Here's some pics from our little athletes!

Outside Crazies!

With the few "cold" inside days, we've had soooo many warm days outside! 

 Our passes for Disneyland finally weren't blocked as people went back to we headed there for the day with the Macs!  Had such a fun today! People continued to look at Kari and I like we were crazy with 4 kids under 5 and both of us ourselves....but we totally managed!  We love that place!  Glad we can enjoy it for a few more months before Jackson turns 3 and baby #3 comes!

Taking our power wheels jeep for a spin around the neighborhood....

Jacob needs a little help steering but that will come with practice! =)

Jackson wanted to ride his scooter most of the time so Jacob would try and convince him to come in the jeep with him every now and then....

We've missed hanging out with our old Thursday group since we've had Master's Kids each week, we kind of stopped the Thursday outings.  We finally got the chance to go to the Zoo with the Greenfield's and Mitchell's and had a great day with everyone and seeing all the animals!

Jackson and Colt at the zoo.  The little ones but they are getting so big now!!!

This is a LEMON from our lemon tree in the back yard!! We have SOOOO many lemons from two trees so I've been making some lemonade off and on...and some recipes with lemons but this one was especially huge.  We called it our "grandpa lemon".  They are so good! Wish we had more fruit trees in the back yard!

Riding scooters.  This kid is crazy!  He's done it about 4 times now and is LOVING his scooter!  He's so patient, so when he falls he gets right back up and tries again.  I'm impressed with how well he's riding it...and Jacob is a pro too!  We lost his scooter when we moved a year and a half ago and never got him a new one so he was excited when grandma and granddad got him one for Christmas!  

Just another day playing in the backyard....legos and digging. =)

 Just this week, we had temperatures in the upper 70's when the rest of the country was in the negatives..... the boys wanted to go to the pool but I reminded them how cold it was a few weeks ago and how cold the water would be- so we compromised with the sprinklers!  

Of course, he got new rainboots for Christmas so he wanted to wear them....and Jackson put on his two mismatched flip flops too. =)  such style.

Finally, a park day!!

A Few Inside Days...

On some of these "cold" days, we decided to have some fun inside!  It had been a few months since the boys had been to Scooter's Jungle, so they were super excited to go for the afternoon!  Thankful this place is so close!  I see a birthday party happening here soon....

This boy just loves animals....especially his dog.  His Sully isn't too fond of him except when he has food but I love watching him care for Sully and love him so much!

 Jacob has become Mr. Chef/Scientist whatever you call it....Here, he decided to do some science experiments mixing water colors and measurements....I love this little future engineer or whatever he may be!

One day, he also told me he wanted to learn how to cook all my himself so when he was bigger he could make good food as a big boy.  He was picking tons of random things out of the pantry and fridge to make his "dinner" which some included milk, basil, cinnamon, paprika, oil, cheese..... I decided to let him go for the milk and cinnamon mix....and thought he could learn how to make scrambled eggs.  He did everything himself and was so proud when he ate them!  The next day he wanted to make his own "dinner" again- something with chicken and harder than eggs....but I told him he needed to eat the dinner mommy was making and he could help me make it.  =)  He's become such my helper in the kitchen (so has Jackson) ESPECIALLY when it has sweets involved!!!  Glad he enjoys cooking and experimenting!  Another sign of creativity in this young boy....

Laney Hayes' 7th bday party!  A fun Minnie Mouse theme making mini pizzas, pretzels, watching a mickey mouse clubhouse movie, etc.  So thankful for their friendship!

Quite a few Sundays were spent indoors watching the BRONCOS play football!  They had such a great season and Daddy was hoping they would make it to the Superbowl, but not this year.  =(  The boys are just cheering on their team!

We went to the Gutierrez's house for a playoff football game and they just got a new bunny, Bananas!  Of course, the boys were in love and wanted to take one home for themselves.  We decided to just stick with the dog for now..... although, he (or she) was really cute!  Jackson is such an animal lover!

Just a final pic of my bigger boy and I!  I love him so much and am thankful for the blessing he is in my life (along with his brother)!