Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Outside Crazies!

With the few "cold" inside days, we've had soooo many warm days outside! 

 Our passes for Disneyland finally weren't blocked as people went back to we headed there for the day with the Macs!  Had such a fun today! People continued to look at Kari and I like we were crazy with 4 kids under 5 and both of us ourselves....but we totally managed!  We love that place!  Glad we can enjoy it for a few more months before Jackson turns 3 and baby #3 comes!

Taking our power wheels jeep for a spin around the neighborhood....

Jacob needs a little help steering but that will come with practice! =)

Jackson wanted to ride his scooter most of the time so Jacob would try and convince him to come in the jeep with him every now and then....

We've missed hanging out with our old Thursday group since we've had Master's Kids each week, we kind of stopped the Thursday outings.  We finally got the chance to go to the Zoo with the Greenfield's and Mitchell's and had a great day with everyone and seeing all the animals!

Jackson and Colt at the zoo.  The little ones but they are getting so big now!!!

This is a LEMON from our lemon tree in the back yard!! We have SOOOO many lemons from two trees so I've been making some lemonade off and on...and some recipes with lemons but this one was especially huge.  We called it our "grandpa lemon".  They are so good! Wish we had more fruit trees in the back yard!

Riding scooters.  This kid is crazy!  He's done it about 4 times now and is LOVING his scooter!  He's so patient, so when he falls he gets right back up and tries again.  I'm impressed with how well he's riding it...and Jacob is a pro too!  We lost his scooter when we moved a year and a half ago and never got him a new one so he was excited when grandma and granddad got him one for Christmas!  

Just another day playing in the backyard....legos and digging. =)

 Just this week, we had temperatures in the upper 70's when the rest of the country was in the negatives..... the boys wanted to go to the pool but I reminded them how cold it was a few weeks ago and how cold the water would be- so we compromised with the sprinklers!  

Of course, he got new rainboots for Christmas so he wanted to wear them....and Jackson put on his two mismatched flip flops too. =)  such style.

Finally, a park day!!

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