Sunday, December 30, 2012

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas, we stayed home and enjoyed the company of my parents for the week!  We spent lots of time playing, eating, opening gifts, cooking, hiking and resting!  Hopefully, they enjoyed their time with the grandkids as much as we enjoyed them here with us. It finally felt like Christmas with the temperatures in the 50s and lows in the 30's!  Finally feels like Winter in CA!

In front of Grace Community Church's tree display

Grandma made an gingerbread train with the boys...

Here's the finished product.

And played lots of legos with Jacob...although he seemed better at building things than her (or I)!

We went to the Americana at Brand and ate at Cheesecake Factory.  It was a busy night so we walked around a little bit before our reservations and Jacob took a pic with Frosty!

It even snowed at the Americana.  Jacob was trying to catch the snow with his tongue...he definitely got it!

Making christmas shortbread cookies for Santa.  They ended up being sprinkle cookies with shortbread! haha!

Christmas Eve we went to Courtland Way and looked at the Christmas lights.  There were sooo many people and it was super windy so we stayed in the car and drove through!  Good decision.

 Christmas morning.  Our little elf!  Jacob and Jackson must have been good this year because Jacob received the things he asked on his list.... Spiderman webs, a real ice cream maker, ninja toys and books about Jesus!  Jackson received some games, a soccer ball, football and basketball....and a basketball hoop!

About to listen to the most important story on Christmas- the story of Jesus's birth.  Thankful to have a family that loves the Lord Jesus Christ and makes in central during the holidays and rest of the year!

Rainboots from Aunt Tera and Uncle Aaron.  He wore them all day even though there was no rain.

Their new basketball hoop!  I think we all will have lots of fun playing with this!  Lots of competitions between daddy and mommy!

Later that day, we went to Grandma D and Grandpa's house for dinner and more presents...and seeing Aunt Natalie, Uncle Jessie, Gia and Adeline!

While my parents were here and after we ate and ate on Christmas, we went to Malibu Creek State Park and hiked to the place where MASH was filmed.  Just a beautiful hike and it was a gorgeous day in Malibu!

Jacob was a TROOPER!  He hiked the WHOLE thing (there and back) all by himself without us holding him one time!  4.6 miles!  He got to eat whatever he wanted for dinner that night since we were so proud of him. 

Hiking with Grandad.  Jackson talked and SANG the ENTIRE hike!  Our little social butterfly.  He LOVES Grandad and said over and over Grandad was his favorite.

After the hike!  Still smiles....

 We enjoyed our time with them and were sad to see them leave....I didn't take a good pic but my mom also showed me how to make my first PIE.  Yes, I'm 30 and had never made a pie!  The chocolate cream pie and Apple crumble pie were delish!  Thanks, Mom!

Looking forward to another great year and thankful for this past year and all the blessings the Lord has given to us when we are so undeserving!  Hopefully, this year will be even more centered on Christ and our lives will constantly be changing more into His image as we seek to honor Him and teach His truths to our boys and little girl coming in May!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's a......GIRL!!!!!!

We are sooooooooo excited to have a little GIRL enter the family!!! I'm ready to balance out this family by adding some feminine clothes, hairclips, etc. to the mix!

We found out Dec 19th and honestly, I was preparing myself for another boy because I haven't felt much different this pregnancy than the other two and know so many friends that have 3 boys....I was ready!  We love our boys and Jeremy thought it would be easy with another boy, but a perfect mix would be a girl so I was THRILLED when we found out it was a girl.

Jeremy is excited to have a little princess.....Jacob doesn't want princess stuff around the house....and Jackson is super affectionate with anything so he will be so good with a little sister!  He goes around the house asking if the baby is kicking in my belly....and when Jacob is yelling or screaming, he tells Jacob to be quiet because there is a baby in Mommy's belly!  So thoughtful!  Jacob will be a great big brother too after the thought wears off of a girl...=) At least he knows GOD PICKED!

My first Gap outfits for the little girl....I couldn't resist!

Jeremy rolled his eyes when I told him I bought her clothes when I found out.....saying, "of course, it's already begun!!!"  However, JEREMY purchased these clothes for his little girl for Christmas!  Someone is going to be a sucker for this little girl!!!! =)  He spent more than I did too!!!

We don't have a name picked out yet....but looking forward to her arrival in early May or late April!

Time for Christmas and Everything Beforehand!

We have had such a great December setting up for Christmas, going to Christmas parties, spending time with friends and remembering Christ our Savior!!!!  Here's some pics from December leading up to Christmas....

Jacob and Jackson helped me decorate this was fun until they decided to set out every single thing from the box and make a mess everywhere!  Oh's Christmas!

Decorating their little tree with Daddy!

I somehow lost our nativity last year and seeing as it's the most important thing to remember for Christmas, I was on a hunt to find a new, not ugly, nativity for this year!  Some friends saw my plea on Facebook for one and he had gone to Israel and brought home years ago a couple of these nativity sets to give to friends and family....and had one extra!!!!  So thankful for the Seehusens and their kindness to give us this real, handmade nativity all the way from Israel!!  It was put in the perfect spot this year to display Christ's birth.

Jacob dressed himself so he would look like Santa- red and white. =)

Decorating the big tree!

love this one!

For Master's Kids, they visited a Sr. Center and sang Christmas carols and handed out a wreath they made to an elderly person.  Jacob did surprisingly good speaking with the older folks!  

Davy and Jacob preparing to sing carols at the Sr. Center.

Every year, Regency Lighting has a Christmas party at Corbin Bowl and Santa shows up there.  Jacob informed me this year that the Santa at the bowling alley is the REAL Santa and the ones at the mall are all fake.  So, in order to see Santa, he had to write his Christmas list to hand to him that night!  Here's his list.... the last item says, "love for God".  Mommy and Daddy helped with that one.  =)  That's what we want him to have most!!

At Daddy's Christmas party....

Showing Santa his list.  He was very serious to make sure Santa understood everything that was written on it.  Later, Jacob asked me, "Isn't Santa old?  Because the one at the bowling alley didn't look old."  haha!  

Jackson wasn't scared of Santa either!

 The same week, we had a Christmas party at our house with 20 co-workers from Regency.  We ordered Stonefire, so dinner was easy!  Lots of fun, presents given, food eaten and we ended the night by looking at Christmas lights.  The boys helped me make these Christmas trees this year for the party.  Thank you Pinterest!

Jeremy and the gang

Our cute little Santas....=)

Each year at our church, they put a list of the people who are elderly and don't have family or the ability to get out and go to church "shut-ins" and give addresses to send Christmas cards.  We want our boys knowing one of the most important things of Christmas (and any other time!) is giving and caring for other people.  Here, the boys are making cards to mail to the shut-ins.  Jacob also made a card on his own initiative and wanted to take it over to our elderly neighbor!  She was so blessed!  Such a caring heart!

I held a High School girls baking day at our house too!  (This is why the blog has not been updated...on top of being pregnant!!)  We made oreo truffles, decorated sugar cookies and dipped choc pretzels and decorated them.  We had a great time having fun, making a mess and eating!  The staff are below and students above!  You can definitely see the belly in this pic..... must have been the way I was sitting because it was not this big! =)

Finally, before my family came for the week, we had the Hayes' over for lunch and to do a craft and spend time together rather than swap gifts.  The kids had fun making green Christmas trees and just hanging out! We love the time we can spend with them and wish it was more!  The boys LOVE Cami and Laney and their girls love our boys too!  

That's the end of the festivities before my parent's arrived and actual Christmas day!!!! =) So much fun!