Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Few Random Ones in Between Holidays!

A little exercising with daddy!

Making a shirt at Master's Kids for Daddy Day.  He can't wait for Daddy to come to preschool for the day!

A little practicing for a Santa Dash.  Jacob and Jackson are experts as setting up at the line for a race!  They have fun racing daddy on walks and in the house!  Good exercise and excitement. =)

Santa Dash!  Unfortunately, Jacob didn't really get the concept of racing others trying to be the fastest.....nor did Jackson....even though we know they are fast. =)  Oh well.  Another year.  Fun in the rain! The Hayes girls did a 5K with Mike and Cyndi in the rain!  We decided to run at the gym instead and then head over for the dash!  They were troopers....

Good thing I have superheros to guard the house during the day while Daddy is at work....

Figured I would post one belly pic for will see it plain and clear in the future posts! Here, I'm 16wks along.  About the same size I was with the other boys..

The sweet boy napping with his Pooh.  I know I will miss the moments in the near future so I wanted to post a pic to remember them later on!

 Disneyland with Daddy!  We were able to take the day and go to Disneyland before the craziness of the Holidays and before Disneyland got busy with everyone else!  We had a great day with another family, the Poladians, and the lines were super short that day!  So thankful!

A littel Here's just some misc. pics from the normal days!

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