Saturday, December 29, 2012


It has been way too long since I've posted on here so I have lots to catch up sorry for all the posts of the last couple months all at once!  I finally have a little time to sit and post some pics!  Let's start with some all the way back from Halloween and around there.... the boys had a great time being ninjas.  Jacob was the blue power ranger ninja and Jackson was a little red ninja.  =)

This fall we had the chance to play a little tennis with the boys with the beautiful weather!  Just learning.... but having fun doing it!

Baby Adeline!  She is just sooooo sweet and cute!  Here, she's about 6 mo.  Jackson loves her!  Had a pic and thought I should post it of my little niece. =)

At the end of October, our High School staff always goes on a retreat for the weekend with no kids to spend time with one another and grow in our relationship with the Lord.  This is just one pic of some of the many friends I (we) have on staff.  We love spending time with them and enjoying serving together.  Michelle and Carly (below) are two of my close friends and we had a great time kid-free!!! =)  Love you girls!

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