Saturday, December 29, 2012

New York City

At the beginning of December, Jeremy and I were able to spend a few days by ourselves in New York City!  We had never been together and never at Christmas-time, so we had a great time!  Some of Jeremy's co-workers were there the first night I got there, so we had a great dinner with them and fun on the Subway at midnight with them and then spent the rest of the time just the two of us.  Here's some pics!

View from our hotel, The Element by Sheraton, on 8th and 39th!  We loved the hotel!

 Night subway ride to see the Statue of Liberty in the dark!  The picture of it didn't turn out good...too foggy and far away!  oh well.

 Jeremy and the gang!  Such a great group of co-workers!

Good morning, NYC! Another view from our hotel.

Rockefeller Center and 5th street

Central Park

We decided to see The Elf on Broadway.  It was so good and funny!  The man who played Elf did just as good of a job as Will Ferrell!  Fun holiday show.

 Wall street!

love this pic.

9/11 Memorial was such an awesome Memorial.  The building wasn't complete yet but the pools were done.  Sad to think of all the people that lost their lives that day but know that God is in control of all and thankful we can trust such a powerful God and know His timing is good!

One of the new World Trader center buildings being built.

Greenwich Village.  I LOVED this area of NYC! So different from Times Square.  Beautiful buildings and quiet!

Walking the High-Line.  This is a new walkway by the Parks and Rec department in the Art District.  It's SOOOOO cool!!! You can see the harbor on one side and all of the buildings on the other while having a serene feeling.  This was one of our favorite things to do while we were here.

High Line

More Subways!

The last day we went to see the Empire State building but it was foggy!  Up close you couldn't even see the top!  This was a cool pic anyways.  

Times Square!

One of the best hamburger places ever!!!!  Soooo good!!  We had so much good food there and I didn't take pics at all the places, but this was definitely a fav. =)

We loved New York City and enjoyed our time there together but were excited to get back and see our boys!!!

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