Sunday, January 9, 2011

Southern California CAN have SNOW!!!

After all of the holidays were over...we were surprised one Sunday to have an afternoon SNOW (not rain) shower!!!! It continued for a couple hours and I had lots of fun throwing snowballs until my hands were numb! Mommy or Daddy didn't get very many pictures because they didn't want their phones to get wet! The snow stuck for a day and then it melted because of the temperatures. It was so fun to have it at our house! When snow comes, Christmas is here. Good thing it came, because I didn't think we really had Christmas since there was no snow!! Sully had fun in it too!
Daddy got us these sweaters so Mommy wanted to take some pictures of us in them. Don't we look cute?!
Mommy thought it would be fun to add this picture since it's us sledding...inside the house. =)

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