Saturday, July 14, 2012


Vacation Bible School!!  The day after we came home from Colorado, we had a fun week that included every day at VBS!  This was Jacob's first year so I volunteered for the 1st grade class so I could be around but not in the same room as him....He had lots of fun taking all the craziness in (1500 kids in one week!!! Yes, 1,500!!!) and I had fun with my little group of 1st graders! Jackson had fun in the nursery every day a few years he can join us!!  Here are a few pics from the week and a video of my crazy campers dancing! 

Crazy Hair Day...

They had a skit for our group and the little boy "Paul" is soooooo stinking cute.  Just had to take pics of him acting.  =)

 One of the 1st grade classes....there were 4 classes just for our grade!

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