Saturday, May 3, 2008

Eli's B-DAY

Eli. What's wrong buddy you've gotten a bunch of presents and your mom is letting you eat cake however you want...Not seeing where the problem is.

Later Eli told me the cake tasted like Crisco and he thinks he's allergic.

The stud museum is open ALL weekend.

Here is my parents friend Dave playing on Eli's toy. Somebody tell him he's too old.

Here we are at Eli's one year birthday. I overheard daddy tell mommy in the car that they aren't doing a one year birthday for me because I wouldn't remember anything. Mommy got really mad at daddy for saying that and probably choked him. I couldn't see very well through my backseat mirror.

Here is me getting caught on camera staring at Cammy. What can I say, I have a weak spot for girls in pink.
Mommy, why is your skin 2 different colors?

Here is Eli enjoying his birthday. Happy birthday Eli. Hope my birthday is as fun as yours.

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