Thursday, June 25, 2009


For Mommy's Birthday, I decided to take her to Disneyland! It was kind of selfish because I wanted to go too....I really liked it!!!

Here I excited in the car to go meet Mickey Mouse!!!!

My very first ride, the train! I loved it!

I got to ride a horse next!!!

About to ride It's a Small World!!! This was my favorite ride. I loved the boat and then seeing all the people dance and sing! Mommy couldn't take pictures inside though.
More It's a Small World...
Then, I got to go through Mickey's house and meet Mickey!!! We gave each other high fives!! He's so cool...

For lunch, Mommy's friend Hannah and I decided to take her to the restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribbean!! It was so fun! I liked being a pirate for a little while...then I didn't want to anymore.
Mommy's my Princess...
I love Disneyland!!!

Kisses from Mommy...

Mommy wanted a picture in front of California Adventure....But it didn't work out to well. This was the best we got.

We had lots of fun for the day! Daddy got Mommy a pass for the year so I get to go more!!!! I can't wait!!! Thanks Daddy from me too!

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