Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Catching Up...

I can't believe it's been almost 4 months since I last blogged.  It has been on my checklist every single day but having 3 kids, activities and school has made the blog at the bottom of the list.  I've wanted to keep track of each kid and their stages of life through it, so I can look back in time and see how they've grown and how the Lord has worked in their and my life!  So, although I can't blog every moment since September, I wanted to document some things so Payton doesn't get the short end of things as she's now 4 months older than the last post!

So much has happened....We've been to Oklahoma twice, Jacob has completed his first semester of Kindergarten, Jackson has excelled in gymnastics and soccer and has grown almost 2 inches since May....and Payton just started to crawl last night!!!!!  Jeremy and I have stayed constantly busy with these munchkins and absolutely love it.  We've stayed consistent with Bible Study and the Word which is the ONLY thing that sustains us during these times of business and discipline.  We praise God for the grace He has shown in our lives and praise Him for our constant blessings and trials in our life!  I'll post a few blogs with highlights over the past 4 months to catch me up to the New Year!

Jackson and his buddy, True, in Cubbies!

 One day cold enough to wear her new beanie and boots!

 Our High School biblestudy retreat was held in Frazier Park.  We had a great time with the North Study and the kids enjoyed spending time with the High Schoolers and playing games!  Cassidy was one of Jackson's favorite girls. =)

 My small group girls minus a few!

 Finally time to hit the pumpkin patch!  The day was too hot to actually dress in clothes that would be appropriate for "fall pictures".  Decided to be more comfortable in sumerlike clothes than be sweating for pictures! =)

 Picking out his perfect pumpkin.

My wreath Tera helped me make while we were in Oklahoma!  

 Just had to post this one because she was too cute.  Covering herself and being modest was key.  She loves her baths to this day!!

 Daddy's new birthday present!

Jacob's Kindergarten school picture.  Couldn't have been happier with it!

Jacob's class took a field trip to the Pumpkin patch too and we joined along...

 Some of his closest classmates, Vince and Mark.

His buds, Vince, Gianni and Ayden.

A little blurry..but two more buds on his first bus ride- Nolan and Grant.  Since when did they start to have seat belts on buses!!!??  He loved the ride!

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