Monday, November 2, 2009

Harvest Festival with Grandpa, Grandma D and Gia!

Mommy and I went the night before Halloween to a Harvest Festival at Grandpa and Grandma D's church! I had soooo much fun but was so tired after only having an hour nap that day!
They had a Petting Zoo! He couldn't believe the sheep, goats, ducks, llamas and bunnies were all right there for him to pet!! He was cracking up and loved the zoo the most at the festival!

OOOOhhhh...a doggie balloon!

Princess Gia and me... Not sure what I'm looking at- I think it's Gia's face that was just painted!

Looking intently at the games Gia is playing so he can know how to do it next!

Grandma D and me at the end of the night...

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