Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jacob's 5th Birthday and Disneyland with the Escens!

This day was a special day for Jacob....because Daddy took the day off of work to spend the day with him on his 5th BIRTHDAY!  We can't believe he's already 5!!  Time really does fly.  We are so thankful for him and his sweet, loving, tender-hearted spirit, as well as his smart and quirky side!  We are having a joint birthday party on the 28th for the boys, so on his actual birthday we were able to spend the day at Disneyland with our friends, the Escen's, who came into town from Nebraska.  Here's some pictures from the day!

Our new 5 year old.

This little squirt is ready for the day and his favorite ride, "Baby Jones" (Pirates and Davy Jones)

He was super excited to get a pin that said his name and Happy Birthday!  He couldn't believe how many people told him Happy Birthday and kept saying, "How do they know my name??!"  I think he felt pretty special!  He was able to choose one dessert and one toy.....which ended up being cotton candy (yuck!!) and a buzz lightyear gun (which makes 3 different Buzz guns for our house- oh well!)

Mater and Cars Land!

Meeting Lightning McQueen.  He wanted to sit on him but wasn't when the engined roared, he ran off!!  Glad we got one good picture!  The bigger boys and dads were off in line for over 2 hours to ride the main Lightning McQueen ride.  Never again will they wait that long in line but at least they had fun together!

Apparently, while they were in line, this is what the Daddy's were having them sound out.....which made for some fun entertainment!

Carter and Jackson having fun in line

Buds- Eli and Jacob

Amazing!  We actually got a picture of all of us!  There was nothing spilled on my shirt...just the light reflecting made it look like it!  This 34 weeks pregnant momma was tired by the end of the day!!!

Daddy and his little boy!

We had a great day and are thankful for the Escen's!  We wished they lived here but glad we can spend a little more time with them while they are out visiting. =)

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