Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Few Master's Kids Trips!

Here's a few trips and classes from Master's Kids over the last couple months!  We had some fun times!!!

We had special needs day.... testing out what it would be like to be blind.

Doing the pledge of allegiance in front of the class!

 This wheelchair was ours when Jacob was really little and actually learned how to walk from it!  He barely remembered it, but we got it as a white elephant gift one Christmas and ended up giving it to the lady who always talks to Master's kids each year about special needs!  Fun to see it again!

This was Missions Day!  The cookie he made was of the world! His best bud, Cash, with him.

 This is Mr. Biedabach who came and spoke to the kids.  He's a missionary in Malawi and has 4 or 5 kids himself.  We loved hearing about his ministry there and Jacob liked seeing all the slides of the animals and kids eating mice on a stick!  He made a magnet to remind us to pray for missionaries, especially them, around the world.  He has prayed for them numerous times!

This was Police Officer day!  I tried to get a good picture with him holding the bar you hit enemies with...(I forgot what it's called) but I didn't get one. =)

DAD'S DAY!!! Daddy finally got to see what Master's Kids is all about!  They do it on a Saturday and make it a special day for them.  Unfortunately, that means Mommy's don't get to go....but we got a few pictures.  They were supposed to collect snails for a project so they had a fun time finding snails from our yard in the morning.  They found 5!  Jeremy's wearing the shirt Jacob made him a few months ago...

 They also have a super competitive AIRPLANE flying competition.....Jacob is super serious coloring his plane!  They got 3rd place!

Valentine's Day!  Each kid received a mailbox to put valentines in for all other people.  Thankfully, they weren't allowed to bring candy or we would have had 35 valentines with candy!  =)  He had fun looking through the box and finding fun things inside!

 Heart-shaped snack.

Another best bud of his, Hudson Brannon!

 Trip to the Music Store!  We heard this was a favorite of most people and we were out of town the day our group thankfully, we were able to tag along with the Friday group!  He LOVED it!  He loves music so he was fully entertained watching the guy demonstrate instruments of every type and then have the chance to play them!

 This was his favorite instrument to learn about and play.... the banjo!

 He has been asking for a harmonica for awhile, so I thought this would be the perfect place to let him get one.  He loves it and plays it all the time!

 Doctor Day!

 Field Trip to the Fire Station!  We went to a Fire Station right near the church in North Hollywood.  It's a really big fire station and they also have facilities to train people.  The firemen were super friendly and showed the kids tons of things including the station itself, the engines, how to stop, drop and roll, shoot water from the hose, climb the HUGE ladder and then let them climb on everything!  Jackson was able to go on this field trip so he enjoyed it too!

 Notice the name on the back of the fireman's jacket!  They had a Capt. Ames!!

This was so cute until he tried to get out and fell forward and hurt himself!!!

Good buds

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