Saturday, March 23, 2013


So, baseball has officially begun in the Ames' household and we are super excited!!!  Jacob started practice for the North Valencia Red Sox t-ball team and his games start at the first of April.  He seems really excited about it and did awesome at his first practice since Daddy has been playing with him for quite a long time in the back yard!  He's got a great swing to smack the ball and has one mean left-handed throw....even though it might not be to a glove!!!  We are looking forward to the next 10 weeks and Jackson is definitely a fan of watching his brother play.  Jacob also has one of his best friends, Cash, on the same team so that makes it all the better.  Here's some pics from the first practice!  Don't worry, I won't take tons each practice- but Mommy has to have record of the first one in case he goes pro!!! =)

Practicing in the backyard

Running bases

Playing 3rd Base

Up to bat!

 Fan Club- Jackson and Colt!

#1 Fan!

Jacob and his buddy, Cash

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