Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jacob and Jackson's Birthday Party Craziness!

In order to accommodate both birthdays and all the friends, we decided this year to have a joint party at an indoor playhouse called Scooters Jungle.  The boys and all their friends LOVE this place, so we figured it would be a hit!  They are monkeys, so it fit perfectly!!!  Here's some pics from the party!

Our niece, Adeline!  Such a cutie!  Looks exactly like the little girl on Monster's Inc!  She was having a blast!


 A few of the friends at the party!  Michelle and Weston Gutierrez

 Vanessa and Colt Mitchell

I love this one!!!

 There were sooo many kids there!! Funny thing was that there were only around 9 families!! All of us are growing in number!!!  Soooo much fun that we have so many close friends and that all of our kids can grow up together!  We rented out a room, so even though there were tons of kids, it was a huge room for them to play in and the parents to not worry!

 Happy birthday BOYS!  We love you!!!  Not sure about Jacob's face here....I think he ate too much. =/

Halle and Will Greenfield

Austin and True Spieker

 Of course, Grandma D and Grandpa!!!

Little Tucker Brannon was sneaking some cake when his mommy and daddy weren't looking....but I captured the evidence!!!

Here is proof of the "growing families" comment above!!!!!!!  All of us are expecting (minus Vanessa who we are trying to peer pressure...)!!!!!  Sooooo fun to all be pregnant at the same time!  AND, all of us that know the sex of the baby are having GIRLS!!!!!!!!  Bring on the girl parties!!!  (Michelle, Trish, Adelynn, Carly, Vanessa and Katie Talcott!)  So thankful for all of these girls. =)

I'm thankful the craziness didn't happen at our house....but at a place where I didn't have to clean anything up since I was 35 wks pregnant!  But, we did have craziness when we came home and opened up all the gifts!!!!!!

This little boy was a little confused if he was 2 1/2 or 3.....We told him he was 3 for the day but his actual birthday wasn't until April 28th.  We'll have a little basketball cake (which is what he requested) on his actual birthday....but he sure had fun with the party!

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