Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tee Ball has Begun! Go Red Sox!

Tee Ball has officially started!  We love the Boston Red Sox! Everyone in the family is super excited. Daddy is excited to help coach his oldest boy, Jacob is excited to smack the ball, Jackson is excited to also smack the ball practicing....but loves watching his brother (until he sees the park) and Mommy loves cheering on Jacob and practicing in the backyard!  Jacob does really well for his first time and is getting better with each practice and game.  It's a 10 week season (so Payton will be born right in the middle) and we have practices every Monday and games every Saturday morning.  Here are some pics from the first couple practices and games we've had this season.  I know a lot look the same....I'll dwindle down by pics...but I had to capture his first few ones since you never know if this left handed thrower (not hitter) will go pro some day! =)

Practicing in the backyard before his first practice.

His first practice

 On the way to his first game!

 One of his best friends, Cash, is on the same team!

His Boston Red Sox Team

 The Fan Club- Jackson and Colty Mitchell

watching his bro.....or just really wanting to climb.

Cash and Jacob

The #1 Fan

Finally got the #1 fan a Red Sox shirt!  When he picked out his outfit for the 3rd game, he asked in Mommy was going to cheer for him while he hit the ball in the grass....I love this little guy!  (I did cheer for him)

 For Master's Kids, they had a baseball and ballerina day so it was fun to see everyone sporting their team uniforms!  Here's Davy Talcott and Hudson Brannon and a dancing video!

We are looking forward to the rest of the season and seeing Jacob grow and learn the game a little more.  For now, it's fun watching him figure out where to run...when to run....to drop the bat.... attempt to stop a ground ball and throw it to first base and maybe even make a catch this year!!!  

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