Thursday, October 18, 2012

Master's Kids!

This year, Jacob started Pre-School called Master's Kids!  It's once a week through our church and they study letters, skills, fruits of the spirit and go on field trips once a month.  He loves it so far!!  He has quite a few friends in his class so he likes playing with the boys.  Here are some pics of our first month and a half of Master's Kids!  


His buds Cash Mitchell and Hudson Brannon

 All the friends- Davy Talcott, Cash Mitchell, Hudson Brannon, Sophia and Lea Drumm

 Making a Fall placemat!  Thankfully, we found a few leaves starting to change color....

Painting a dead, REAL fish.  =)

 This morning, he was one of the "Special Children for the day".  You can tell he's thrilled to be up front...he has nerves like his momma!!! =)  Hudson was the other Special Child for the day that week!

 No longer in front of everyone, he was very excited!!! 

 The first field trip was taking the Metrolink train down to Union train station and strolling down Olvera street.  Jackson was able to tag along on that field trip!  He had lots of fun riding the train....

 Davy and Jacob waiting for the train to arrive.

 I let him pick one thing to buy on Olvera St. and this is what he picked...He played it the WHOLE train ride home and for the next week until one of the strings broke!!!!!!

 Olvera Street.

We are loving our time so far!!  He's getting so big!

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