Monday, May 21, 2012

More of our favorite outdoor places!

Just a few pics from our favorite places!  We took a Disneyland trip with one of our favorite girls, Juliette!  I had a great time catching up with her since she completed her first year of college (known her since she was in Jr High!) and the boys had fun with one of their favorite babysitters.... (Jacob used to call her his girlfriend...I think Jackson does now. =)  Or Kari, his other favorite babysitter.)  Such a great day!  We love the opportunity to go since live so close to Disneyland and enjoy the fun rides while Daddy faithfully works to provide us this fun day!  Thanks Daddy!  

We also love PARKS!!!!!  Jackson actually climbed up the top of this structure and went down this huge slide NUMEROUS times!  I don't even think I would go down this slide!!!!!  Jacob and Jackson loved it! We love the park and we love THURSDAY PLAY GROUPS!!!!!

 We also love CRASHING in the car after long, fun play days!!!!

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