Friday, March 21, 2008

My First Day

Here is mommy and daddy 5 hours before I came to the world. I wonder why mommy wasn't smiling like this the first time I saw her?

Here is mommy on the cool bed that moved up and down and made lots of cool noises.

Well I finally made my appearance in the world. Everything is pretty cool except this wierd tube going into my belly.

Surprise! Here I am. Why is everyone wearing gloves? I'm a clean baby.

My beautiful mommy looks great just minutes after pushing me out. I tried to make it as easy on possible on her.

Oh good. My dad is taking care of that ugly thing coming out of my belly. I was really hoping I didn't need to lug that thing around.

Daddy is pretty proud of me even if I am crying. So far I've found I get more attention if I cry.

Wow it looks a lot different on this side of the tummy. I am pretty glad to be out of there, it was getting pretty cramped.

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  1. GREAT PICS!!!! Welcome little guy! Beth Pickard