Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day 2 Again

Dad keeps saying he's just praying for me, but I am beginning not to believe him.

So here is the story. Day 2 started off pretty harmless. Just doing my pooping, crying thing. Than this evil, evil man came, strapped me down and cut me in a very bad place. My dad says one day I will thank him, but for now I am very bitter.

My mom has now taught me to hold my own pacifier in my mouth. She says her arm gets tired doing it.

I really love sleeping with my mommy she has the magic touch.

I don't know what that black tumor is on mom's ear, but it seems to be attached. She is on that thing a lot and it seems to talk a lot. Most of the time it talks there are wierd accents coming out of it. Some place called Oklahoma.

My dad tells me I need to be humble, but I also must be honest: Man I am cute.


  1. Really enjoyed all the pics.!! Congratulations--mom, dad and son all look great! (Feel free to read this using an 'Okie' accent) :-)

  2. STUD MUSEUM! You bet cha! What a guy. Looks like you have Uncle Aarons mouth - wonderful pics...keep postin' little guy!