Monday, March 31, 2008

Second Worst Day Ever!

So today my mom tried to torture me. Next to "getting cut in my bad place" this was the worst experience of my life. Daddy kept reminding me that this was mommy's idea and he wanted no part of it. Kind of like when Caesar washed his hand's of Jesus sentence. Apparently she wants to remember what my hand looks like years down the road. If they keep pushing like this it's going to look deformed.

I thought the worst had passed and then they grab my feet. Are you kidding me. Why do you care what my feet look like? Feet are ugly.
Oh thanks mom - you crush my feet and hands into this gushy stuff and then you stuff a piece of rubber in my mouth as if that's going to make it all better.

Things were better later on though because I got to sleep with Grammie-O.

Dang it Sullivan. Quit snoring.

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