Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mommy and Daddy's Trip to Victoria, BC

At the end of March, Mommy and Daddy took a trip for 3 nights to Vancouver Island, British Columbia without us!  We spent the time with Gramma D and Grandpa and then with Weston and Gabe Guitierrez for a couple more nights!  We had lots of fun....but not as much fun as Mommy and Daddy!

 Mommy and Daddy flew into Vancouver and then took a ferry over to Victoria on Vancouver Island.

 About to get on the ferry!

 One of the main places people told Mommy and Daddy to visit was Butchart Gardens. It was beautiful!  It would have even been prettier in a month or so when all of the flowers bloomed...but they were starting and the gardens were cool to see!

 Their room at Brentwood Bay Resort.  It was so nice!  One of the nicest rooms they have ever stayed in!

 View from the balcony of the room

 Somehow the pics got out of order....Here's more from the beautiful gardens. 

 And...back to our room....we had a gas fireplace in it too!  So relaxing!

 One of the days we went to Dallas Road.  It was a long walk/run trail along the ocean....tons and tons of people were there with their dogs!  Apparently, they had been having lots of rain before we came and it was supposed to rain for awhile after we left!!! We had 2 gorgeous days in the everyone was taking advantage of the sun!

 This is the Parliament Building in downtown Victoria.  Very cool.

 This is the Empress Hotel.  Many people told us to drink tea in it...but we decided to go for a steak dinner instead at a steakhouse!! =)

 Jeremy about to dig into his 12 oz ribeye steak!  Mmm!!!

 Another night view from our hotel room....awesome sunset!

 This was a lake right near where we were staying.  We would have hiked around it...but it was raining the day we were going to go.  Drove around it instead!

Our last day we went to a place called the Blue Fox Cafe.  We went on a Tuesday at 11am in the rain....and the place had a line outside the restaurant!! Apparently, it was a very popular local spot!  The place was AMAZING!!!!! This french toast was amazing!  Jeremy had an egg scramble that was really good too....well worth the wait!!!!!!

We had a great trip to Canada...going to a place we'd never been and without kids!  It was a great time to relax and enjoy each other's company. We missed the boys and were excited to see them when we got back!

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